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  • Hunter

    I love it!! Very cool house. Like all the stone, and the overall flow of the house. Imagine the awesome parties you could have!! Yes, I’ll take this one.

  • Sean

    Same here. Not my usual style at all but I really like it. From what I can see the layout flows nicely and the entertaining area would be brilliant for kids. Impressed!

  • Daniel

    I love desert contemporary architecture but something about this makes it feel much older than 1998. Closer to 1978. Maybe it’s the furniture but I’m not in love with this. Also don’t like the living room ceiling. Reminds me of one of those bread boxes with the rolling closure.

  • Grrrowler

    I like this. The furnishings aren’t my style but there are some really interesting finishes and details. I love the dining room and master BR fireplaces. The entertainment room is a little too kitsch for me; I’d leave the space but make it more glam.

  • Chris Kohler

    Hu… so there are still mansions for under 10 Million Dollars out there? Who would have thought it.

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