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  • Daniel

    Something ain’t right with that pool table…

    • opinionfree

      I watch a lot of HGTV. All of the designers on that channel, would call it a “pop of color”. As I’m sure you already know.
      However, I must agree with you. Something about that pool table is a little ‘queer’ for me. And remember, I’m still gay.

  • opinionfree

    Picture 2: has that classically Victorian exterior that can so quickly go ‘haunted house’. Thank the stars and garters it hasn’t. It has that time worn patina that enhances it’s beauty. Driving up to this home would reflexively make me ‘sit up straight’, Thanks Mom.
    Until I spied the location of the tennis court.
    My major concern is using a windowed side of the home, as a fence for the tennis court. Yes, I throw like a girl but when using a tennis racket, I slam a ball like Billy Jean King. Those windows would require daily repair.
    Rip that court out and make it a cutting garden that would be in line with the façade of this home.

  • 21008839

    This is the Australian home of former international cricketer Shane Warne (hence his ODI shirt number in the bottom of the pool). The paparazzi are often camped out front when Liz Hurley is in residence.

  • Anthony

    FYI, this is owned by an Aussie cricketer Shane Warne, hence the 23 on the bottom of the pool (his number).

    I don’t mind it, except the lot is too small IMO.

  • Alayna

    The front of the home is gorgeous.

  • TheArchitect

    The lot size of this property is very large for Melbourne and its literally just outside our CBD. Melbourne doesn’t have the culture of “Country” mansions or manors, living in the country here is for “bogans” and the lower income.
    Properties starting at 1000sqm that are 14km out from our CBD on the Eastern Side are considered very big, expensive and a luxury starting around $1.8million AUD just for the land. 1 acre lands are rare within this 14km radius on the Eastern Side and depending on the suburb highly expensive. In Australia people who live further out of the city with their “Mansions, Ferrari” are considered Two-Bit millionaires or “wannabees” as land is extremely cheap

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