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  • Daniel

    Even though this ain’t the desert, the architecture reminds me a lot of desert contemporary homes, which I almost always love. This I hate. I’m convinced they wanted to make the interior as cold looking as possible. The exterior is a confused mess. Ain’t no Guy Dreier, that’s for sure.

  • opinionfree

    Finally a house a big clumsy boy, like me, would feel safe to live in. Most of these luxury homes are too ‘delicate’ for me. This home looks like it could handle me, nicely. The hounds and I could play in there and nothing would get damaged, save for us. I wouldn’t be afraid to live or entertain, because that house is hose and go. Although if someone has $36,000,000 they most likely have house people to maintain it. Not my forever fantasy home, but would work nicely for many years to come.

  • John

    cold, but there are some nice elements. View is great

  • Eric


    Every time I see the word “Contemporary” in a mansion description, I get a queasy feeling in my guts…

    “Cold” does not even begin to describe this sterile heap! I mean ye gods, some of the rooms look like they come from the Flintstones!


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