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  • opinionfree

    Seems like a much better buy than the $35 million apartment from the other day. I can see myself, in some long flowing thing, on that balcony waving to the little people scurrying about their day. Until one of them shot me, it is New York remember.
    That exterior balcony, with those French doors are a spot of fantasy, in the chaos of New York. The ceilings are nice and high. You get enough usable space to own a dog. The rooms are perfectly sized and shaped for furnishings. Those are all very desirable features, but where is the WOW factor. Yes, it is NYC on the outside, but the inside is so understated it borders on boring. The building doesn’t even have parking. The master bath is pretty to look at, but would be hell to live with. 13 foot ceilings, with a rain shower. in an open shower space. The humidity and mess would be prevent me from showering there. Also having to traipse around that bathtub to utilize the shower is an accident waiting to happen.
    The finishing’s all come off as builders grade, albeit a high end builders grade. This apartment, although lovely, still requires a plié of money to achieve it’s potential.

  • Teddi

    High ceilings, large airy rooms and personal outdoor spaces are all luxuries in Manhattan and I get that, I do. And I know my issues are easily fixed with a good decorator, but as it stands right now, I HATE this. How can great flow and warm hardwood floors come off as so cold, boring and detached? Even C&C decor is warmer than this.

    Everything OF said about the bathroom holds. It’s pretty to look at but a huge inconvenience to actually use.

    Ditto with the kitchen. Nothing like open shelving right above the range. Like…really? Frankly, I hate any kitchen where every blessed thing is on display so everything has to be perfect at all times. It’s a kitchen. Expect mess. Design accordingly. All glass fronts or open shelving is pretty in concept and simply a hassle to maintain. Not to mention I HATE cooktops right in front of the seating area with no tiering or separation of any kind. I always wonder if these people who design them ever actually cook. Forget about the heat being given off on anyone sitting there. But if you’ve ever had tomato sauce splatter, hot oil pop or cooked anything that involves steam being released, you’d know why it’s a bad idea. This kitchen just compounds it by having open shelves right above. As if the weekly rinsing off of settled dust isn’t enough there’s also the added task of food debris. Spare me from having to live with someone’s overblown design aesthetic and give me practicality any day.

  • Eric

    Yet another NY ‘Home’ where the insides are ruined by some twisted persons ‘Vision’ of making an old building “Modern” Yee-Gods…

    Teddi you said it far better than I, C&C is more warm than this mess. It could only be more cold if the walls were bare concrete.

    I mean I saw the exterior and was “Oh joy!” And the inside just made my heart sink.
    Really it is yet another home where I could only see myself in it after it had been gutted and rebuilt almost from scratch.

    And finally, 25Million for 6500 square feet? I know it is NY but still…

  • Tony

    Kenny is this a real apartment or a computer animation? The second picture especially looks like computer animation or something. Most of the pics look like they may be renderings. Is this apartment not finished yet or what?

    • Grrrowler

      Pics 1, 2, 10, and 11 are computer-generated renderings, but the interior shots are of the real thing.

      Unrelated to anything else, this is the building that Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky purchased a place in a few months ago.

      • Tony

        I think those interior pics look fake. They make really realistic looking renderings these days. I have seen renderings that look more real than those interior pics. The chairs look fair and you can see through the mirrored table.

  • Grrrowler

    Nice location, good layout, lovely building, beautiful interior spaces, amazing outdoors areas (for NYC), and terrible decor. Fortunately that could be easily fixed since “shell” looks very well-done, even though any period details look to be long gone.

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