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  • Eric

    The Water bill… Ye gods think of the WATER BILL!!

  • Daniel

    Probably an extremely cool feature to have if you have guests over frequently. But to live with it and maintain it…eh, what a hassle.

  • Grrrowler

    The water park is interesting from a “Look what I have!” perspective. But, if you’re more than 5 years old, that will get boring very quickly.

  • c

    The “water park” is basically just a lazy river with fountains. Hardly a waterpark

    The house itself is ugly. Not sure whats “stunning” about anything here.

  • HCK

    This looks a lot like a home that was featured on Million Dollar Spaces. I remember the owner saying the pool area required two full time staffers to operate and maintain it.

  • Ethan D.

    The home is on Strait Lane in Dallas, Texas.

    Google “Dentist in Medicaid suit adding a water park to his mansion” to read about the ongoing controversy surrounding the property.

    • Kenny Forder

      This is not that house. It’s a different one.

  • Bill

    Take the water park out of the equation and it’s a nice-looking house. Pity there are no interior shots.

  • Eric

    I was going to see how many water parks were in the city this house was in, but curiously enough both the article and the website make no mention of a City, they just say “In Texas”.

    It makes me wonder if maybe this was built by someone crazed about privacy or going out in public, that he would want a WHOLE water park all to himself.

    Either that or I wonder if this was done as a “Showcase” house by the pool company, like some sort of big advertisement.

  • Venom

    It is classier than the scumbag dentist’s house in Preston Hollow, that is for sure. This will be near impossible to sell unless it is filled in, in the future as there are probably very few people that will want this maintenance nightmare.

  • Teddi

    Unless you have about 10 kids, this would be a waste of money, time and energy within a few weeks. The hassle wouldn’t be worth the enjoyment if a house full of kids aren’t in picture.

    There was a mansion in NY (I think) that had some fantastical pool that got a lot of buzz and press but they couldn’t get the home to sell for ages. Concept overreached practicality. Turns out that while it was initially cool to look at, no one wanted the huge undertaking of all that water. the builder later said if he had it to do over, he’d tone down all the water features because selling it was a hassle.

    I would say that the same thing would happen here, but it is Texas. Home to the largest private pool in the USA & was featured on Million Dollar Rooms. This isn’t even on that level.

    Anyway, love the fountain in the (regular) pool and the firepit. Everything else is just too over the top for a private residence.

  • Colin

    Cool house.

    Kinda dangerous to have a diving board right in front of the fountain?

    Not a fan of the pictures though. If you’re going to do sky replacement, at least do it a bit more realistically…

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