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  • George L

    The Florida mansion is at 2565 Gordon Drive in Naples Florida on billionaires row.

    • Daniel

      *3400 Gordon Drive.

      • GeorgeL

        Thx. Google Street view had listed it wrongly.

  • Eric

    I would SO Wish to know more about the 4th mansion!
    Those Historic buildings look simply stunning!

    Almsot 60acres of land
    37000 sq ft of living space.
    And 18mill pounds?

    That seems like one HELL of a bargain to me! I wonder if that is due to mostly to it’s location (Mostly it seems to be in the middle of no-where)
    The gardens and grounds seem well kept and quite lovely. And there seems to be several additional buildings on site.

    I am curious however, for anyone else looking at it on Google Earth, there seems to be connected to it a large amount of secondary buildings. I count 10 smaller buildings in total. Are these part of the property? And if so what are they?

  • Daniel

    1) Looks like a million-dollar mobile home
    2) Stunning views. Love it.
    3) Nice and on a huge parcel of land in a very exclusive community. Zillow says it’s a $50+ home.
    4) The main home looks stunning but I don’t like the apartment building attached to it.

  • Eric

    Ok apparently the forum does NOT Like me posting web links…
    Tried several times to post a link to the “Savills” website where you can get the floor plans to the Hall ((They are BEYOND Massive)

  • James

    Does anyone know the addresses of House 1 & 2?

    • GeorgeL

      I think House 1 may be near the lower end of Sarbonne Road in Bel Air. Not sure about House2.

    • Dunwoody

      9280 Nightingale Drive

  • Teddi

    Loved the British mansion. But based on the comments might be connected to a Historic Trust so lots of redtape and headaches to do anything with it. No thank you. Even though the rooms are huge and airy and gorgeous.

    If I could redo almost all the flooring on the first floor of #3, then I would say I absolutely love it. It’s lovely. Large rooms, formal in some places but still very comfortable. The type of place you can admire but not be afraid to sit down anywhere.

    Can’t tell anything much about #1. #2 is way too Legoland-esque. A box built into a box built into a box.

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