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  • Grrrowler

    Number 2 holds great promise looking at the outside. I’m very worried for the interiors however.

    Number 3 bears a striking resemblance to this house built in the 1930’s in River Oaks:

  • Jason

    I love these houses! what great examples of high classicism. I’m glad you pointed out the French house in pic 3. It is almost 100% derivative of the John Staub designed house in Houston. I hope Richard Manion puts out another monograph_ as these were featured as just concept renderings in his 1st book.

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    Looks very much like an American Classic. It does look like something out of the 1920 movies.


    China looks more western these days… I love this house…

  • Daniel

    Beautiful homes. Russian architects need to take a few hard looks at this. #2 reminds me of a home in Palm Beach, 2 doors down from La Reverie.

  • Venom

    Nice homes, the tastes in China are improving. #3 looks like a miniature version of Candy Spelling’s former home, The Manor.

  • rob

    Architectural style is nice, only problem is that these things are crammed one on top of the other. There is no privacy or land attatched to any of these places. Must be a chinese thing.

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