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  • Jason

    what a complete and utter waste of building material. this house is horrid and lacking of any classical architecture merit. really- those tall skinny precast columns are supposed to carry the weight of the entry pediment? the entire house has a hulking boxines to it and poor scaling. and of course, the interior seems cheap. it was probably all purchased at Home Depot with the lighting bought at Habitat for Humanity. everyone on here seems to rag on Texas about the houses here, but the suburban D.C. area mansions seem to be some of the absolute worst. can’t these builders, architects(term loosely applied) and homeowners go into the Capital for examples of great classical architecture??

    • Grrrowler

      You say horrid, I say ghastly. Either way it’s really terrible. The inside is much better than the outside, but it doesn’t impress.

  • Eric

    My whole gripe is on whoever thought it was a good idea to try and merge the front, which seems a generic classical look, with that eye watering rounded ‘Modern’ back side.

    I’ll notice in the listing page there are no photos of the backyard or back of the house. Perhaps they realized just how embarrassing it must look!

  • Daniel

    Home Depot quality throughout. And what the hell is with that asking price? Is that the loan amount?

  • Teddi

    Sorry, but we’ve seen much worse that this. Much, much worse. When it comes to hideous homes, Texas and New Jersey are still well in the lead.

    I don’t much like this, but I wouldn’t go as far as to call it horrible. There are horrible elements: the toothpick columns, those busy floors, 90’s over-the-top-bulbous chandeliers and discotheque lights, the railing, the way too prominent A/C vents everywhere, the very visible security orb right beside the front door, etc etc etc.

    However, they do have ideas I like; minor things that make a big difference & which other homes tend to overlook. Such as the separate entrance for the office; breakfast bar in the master suite (though I don’t like where they placed it), and in a separation section of the master bath, his and her water closets and sink area. And that’s in addition to the vanity sinks in the main bathroom area.
    I think if you aren’t going to have his and her bathrooms, then this is the way to do it. Even though, once again, we have a home that insists on putting the water closets as far away as possible from the bedroom. WHY? It’s a great placement in the bathroom itself, but WAY too FAR away from the bed, especially in the middle of the night. Stick a half bath in the sitting room if you’re going to do that.
    Also great are the really pretty two (small) walk in pantries located INSIDE the kitchen area. Imagine that.

    Put it this way, if I lived there, I wouldn’t want to blow out my brains or gouge out my eyes, as with some homes seen here. There’s a whole lot that needs changing, but at least some things that help to make up for the exterior design and interior missteps.

  • Brim

    Can some of you post some pictures of your houses because they must be to the liking of Buckingham Palace after hearing some of these critical comments on this site. I mean seriously, you must have solid gold faucets in your bathrooms.

    Home Depot materials? Really?

  • Joe

    I have been in this home, And own a large home. You guys no nothing if you think anything in that homes is HOME DEPOT. That was just crazy. Everything in that home was imported from Europe and is higher quality then any home in Virginia. The tile work in amazing, the kitchen is bar non, the highest of quality. Watch the Agents You tube video if you want to see this home.

    • Kenny Forder

      I agree, it’s a gorgeous house!! but aren’t YOU the realtor? if you are, just say so 😀 I would love to take a tour!

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