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  • Jason

    well it’s not the worst, but there are quite a few missteps in the design. too many to point out before I have to get ready work- I’ll let Daniel or Growwwler do that! Why oh why did the “professional photographer” leave a cluster of shoes @ the foot of the staircase and a giant stuffed dog before taking the shots?? also, what’s up with the furnishings? aren’t you a rich woman?

    • Grrrowler

      Thank you, but I’ll have to defer to Daniel or Teddi. I simply don’t have time today to build a laundry list of what I don’t like about this!

  • Grrrowler

    “Modeled after Le Petit Trianon at Versailles.” It’s amazing how many remotely French houses were modeled after Le Petit Trianon, at least according to the listings. With this house, I guess the inspiration was to make its footprint a square.

    The library is nice, but the rest is simply not my style.

    Kenny, your link to more pictures isn’t formed correctly.

    • Bill_in_NY

      Maybe those supposed gremlins are back. I tried the link and had nary a problem!

  • opinionfree

    On the exterior, I really like that the all windows are finished in a wood tone as opposed to white or black. That little touch, really stands out for me and lessens the formality of the home. This is a home, that the interiors would have been best left to imagination, rather than the reality of photos.

  • Teddi

    Gee, thanks Grrrowler. LOL.

    Frankly, my OCD kicked in big time the second I saw the bunch of shoes and slippers at the foot of that terrible staircase. I know, I am anal to a fault, but I cannot for the life of me wrap my brain around the fact that someone is trying to sell this house for $45 MILLION!!!!! dollars and didn’t have the good sense move the shoes until after the pic was taken. It’s not like a big heavy piece of furniture or some ostentatious statue, THEY’RE SHOES. How hard would that have been?
    But if that didn’t bug me out enough, we get into another room and they have paintings on the floor leaning up against the wall. Sorry, I cannot see anything past those glaring listing faux pas. They want $45M they can spend a little extra money and properly stage the house and get professional photography done. Criticisms past that aren’t worth anyone’s time.

    • Venom

      Yeah, the shoes at the bottom of the staircase is unacceptable. The home is 22,000 sq.ft, don’t they have a mudroom, locker room, walk-in closets at the front entrance?

    • JW

      I cringed at the kitchen pic with all the clutter, but the topper of poor taste is the toilet brush laying on the bathroom counter…

      • opinionfree

        Thank you!!! Please don’t forget the unmade beds wearing dirty sheets.

      • Teddi

        After seeing these comments, I got curious and clicked on the link to see the additional photos. I should have known better. No good can come from curiosity. If I were a cat I’d be dead.

        The bombe chests in the living room still have the price tags dangling from them. There’s a WTF moment for you. Even more incredulous is the cheap Walmart door chain lock on the double doors. WHY? At that point I don’t even know why I was shocked to see the bright red socket plates in the reception room (?) and yet I was. Newsflash. If you can’t match the wall color go with something ubiquitous or have them hidden in the base boards. Especially since the light switches are already basic and cheaply white.

        There’s crap everywhere and blue tape on the glass fronts in the library. At this point I’m pinching the bridge of my nose and trying to get my eye to stop twitching.

        Here’s a thought: For $45M, what say you clean the house, finish the garage, remove the crap that’s everywhere, make the beds, make sure shower caps and underwear aren’t hanging from the bathtub faucets and hire a photographer who won’t include himself in those ‘professional’ shots. Because when someone can be this careless, inattentive and unprofessional just in the listing of a house, I have to wonder what might have been missed, overlooked, or unprofessionally done in the construction/remodeling.

        • Grrrowler

          I had only scanned the pics until now, but like you was compelled to look closer at them to see what all the buzz is about. The pics and the rooms really are horrific; it looks as if a bunch of college kids have been squatting in the house. The throne on the dais with the cheap office chair has to be my favorite shot. It really does tell a story.

          • Teddi

            I’ll take your Kmart office chair and raise you 3 unmade beds and a toilet brush on the counter.

  • c

    The exterior really isn’t bad. Although it’s not even close to Le Petit Trianon. However, theinterior looks like Home Depot on steroids. It needs a $5m renovation on the interior.

  • mac22

    please save the entrance gates but can somebody buy this and tear it down? Fast?


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