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  • opinionfree

    I, like most, appreciate the repurposing of old structures into modern dwellings. That said, this has taken ‘industrial’ too far. The staircases, the railings, fan grate skylight cover on the living room ceiling, the sneeze guard on the kitchen island, the garage door openings on the upper kitchen cabinets (cupboards-it’s England), etc. It’s overdone, in it’s industrial stylizing. For me, industrial should have some ‘rawness’ to it. This is just an over exaggerated, super pretty version of industrial. Sort of like, I visually love a beautiful woman, but find a playboy stylized version of a beautiful woman to be, wrong.
    Also, what is with the dog bowl bathtub? I can only imagine, from what nation the future renter will hail and what will occur in that receptacle for cleaning.

  • Daniel

    A wooden bathtub? How well does it retain the heat? Is there a heating coil built-in? The staircase scares me. The spine reminds me of the monster in “Aliens”.

    • Teddi

      Hahaha. You’re right, the stairs really do look like a metal spine. I didn’t even notice at first. I saw the glass stairs (which I always hate) and clicked the next pic.

  • Teddi

    I like the bathtub. It’s different, very pretty and very unique, though wooden bathtubs themselves aren’t that uncommon, especially in those zen bathrooms, this one is much prettier than most.

    I had a visceral reaction to that kitchen, wondering why in the world anyone would want a kitchen in their home to look like a cafeteria. But then I realized, if the house is meant to be rented to large parties, and a chef would probably be included or at least hired, then this set up works. Otherwise, unless it’s a house built for the Von Trapps, that kitchen has to go.

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