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  • Daniel

    Fantastic find – I doubt it will be on their website for long. Love the exterior. Looks like they visited the Gores residence in Beverly Park and said “We want it!” Interior I’m a bit disappointed with. There isn’t any particular thing wrong with it, save for the black slate floors in the foyer. It just all feels so impersonal and lifeless. No color anywhere, no sparkle, no pop. It really does feel like a furniture showroom or a design house. My favorite room in the entire place is the outside loggia. It’s the most exciting, looks the most finished, and probably has the best view.

    • Kenny Forder

      I’ll probably get an email in the morning to remove it -_- haha

      • Eric

        Why for? Privacy concerns or such?

        As far as the interior of the house, let me start off by saying I LOVE the off white color muted color they went with for most of the house. I was so prepared for another mind numbing eye searing white wash to the interior. The muted off white gives a much MUCH More ‘warm’ feel to the rooms that you don’t normally get in these Mega Mansions.

        The MASSIVE Outdoor covered are is also nice, the wood ceilings are a nice touch, I didn’t even know it was outside till I noticed the walls.
        The vaulted brick ceiling in the one turret room are quite creative and add a nice detailed feel to Kitchen.
        Also LOVE the glass walled sunroom in the little square turret. Always love small quirky rooms like that (small being a relative word here)
        Also please to see it’s of green around as well, plants, pots, grass, gardens, good to see lots of life around a big house.

        Of course those Dinning room chairs are Hideous! They look comfortable, but also look like they belong in a basement Rec-Room from the 80’s 😛
        And as others have said some of the rooms seem CRAMED with furniture. I get the feeling this was a house built with having LOTS of people over in mind.

        One last thing, I LOVE the main entrance moat, for the exact reasons Opinion doesn’t 😀

  • opinionfree

    It is not a style of home I would ever choose to build, even with that said, it is GORGEOUS! I could get a bit picky with a few little things, but it would come off as crass within the totality of the entire home. The little pavilion in picture 5, with the glassed in breezeway, is magnificent. I pray picture 8 is not the formal living room and picture 11 is not the master bedroom. (For a house that size, those 2 rooms should be large enough to accommodate the furnishings pictured, yet allow for traffic flow).
    The only thing I really dislike is the front entry moat in picture 4. It’s full of moss and creatures. The idea of walking over that to get into such a beautiful home is just wrong.

  • Limedaiquar

    What a bland interior, nice exterior. Biggest offense is those dining room chairs. Gross

  • Grrrowler

    Overall I liked it. The exterior as a whole doesn’t appeal to me, at least from a distance; it looks better close-up, when I can’t see the entire house. I actually really like the “moat”. The interior is lovely, but has been pointed out, it’s bland. The outdoor room is pic 14 is beautiful, and it’s too bad the indoor rooms don’t looks as nice. Still, great find.

  • Ewan

    Quite surprised by how “cute” it looks………it doesn’t come of as gargantuan.

    -The rock pond and the mini lake at the entrance to the estate is lovely….really beautiful.
    -The overall design is not my style……but hey, it’s not horendeous,.

    What i loathe about these huge mega mansions though is how big the overall house is, but the proportions of the rooms are so tiny…..it doesn’t make sense. Why built a huge mansion and than have tiny box-like living rooms, bedrooms etc….

    Overall a great home. Better than most meg mansions being built in and around Los Angeles.

  • architect121

    The home has its merits, but I hate the faux mansard roof. The home would look so much better if the roof was taller, to balance the wide look of the house. I like the interior, and the finishes are superb, but it needs a bit more color. The pool is one of the most fantastic I’ve seen though… its perfect

  • Taylor

    Kenny, did they ask you to take the pictures down? I also couldn’t find them on the developer page either.

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