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  • Sam

    For $24 million and 32,000 square feet what a boring house. The only thing I like about it is the indoor pool.

  • Mak

    I did a bit of snooping. It started out as a 2000 acre horsefarm and was listed for 60M.


  • Bill_in_NY

    Boring to some, I call it stately. A+

  • Daniel

    Nothing says $24 million like crown molding that stops abruptly (foyer). If the architect couldn’t figure out how out how to incorporate it into the staircase he/she should have omitted it. Rest reminds me of a nursing home.

  • Sean

    Stately…. A

    On just 270 acres in Paris KY … C-

    BTW, they were asking way too much when they were offering 2K acres for 60 mill.

    Now they are asking an additional 58k more an acre…FOR LESS ACERAGE…LOL! Not cool, and I like Paris KY for the record.

    Would someone inform folks in KY that the recovery has not progressed that well just yet?!

    • O.H.C

      I would say the market has bounced back in Kentucky, more so than in other areas of the country. The surrounding area is swarmed by high powered attorneys, Surgeons and old horse money. There are plenty of buyers for these types of properties. This compound is very well executed in my opinion. No doubt they will get close to the asking price.

  • Eric

    I am firmly in the “Stately” vs ‘boring’ crowd.
    I mean,m given the wild, crazy, over the top mansions we see at times “Boring” is not necessary a bad thing! Looking through the pictures, aside from the master bathroom, I did not see a single room where my reaction was “ICK!” by any degree. That is very rare these days!

    Wood ceilings, Wood floors (with lots of carpet) And that Pool house! OH I feel in love wiht it the moment i saw it!

    Really the biggest downside to this wonderful Estate, is it’s location.
    Paris KY? more like a D than c-

  • Sean

    Hey Eric, don’t sleep on Paris KY yo!

    There’s a little known antique car collecting community there; in addition there are many great roads there with no speed limits so that you can take your Lambo or Rari and really open them up. Scares the hell outtta some of the horses, but great fun!

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