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  • Daniel

    (Comment disappeared)

    I usually love Marc-Michaels designed homes, but this is more miss than hit. Lovely living room – reminds me of a yacht interior. Exterior is an eyesore.

    • Daniel

      More photos available on the Marc-Michaels website (site won’t let me post the link 🙁 )

  • rob

    Jesus Kenny, that slideshow only took an hour and a half to play. WTH?? I like it. There is something very clean and zen about it without going overboard on the modern. What is Waverly like? I know there are parts of Pennsylvania that are filled with inbred yahoos and backwoods creeps. Whoever built this came with a kind of west coast, malibu zen vibe. I wonder what the story is on this and why it is here.

  • Teddi

    I went straight to the Sotheby’s site without reading anything and my first thought was, oh, another incomplete mansion. Then I realized it was finished & didn’t get why anyone would do this to their house. I’m assuming it has to do with the color choice and angle of the photo.

    The living room seemed ok but couldn’t get why they’d put the fireplace there to obstruct the views. The meditation room is lovely but that theater is awful. This is definitely not my kind of house, so I am not impartial. I’m not seeing what took 4 years to complete. It’s neither that large Nor that detailed. Nor do I get why any would go through the trouble of having 11 bedrooms but only 7 full bathrooms. That’s a lot of bathroom sharing which I am always against. A little mystery never hurt anyone

  • Bill_in_NY

    rob: ”I know there are parts of Pennsylvania that are filled with inbred yahoos and backwoods creeps.”

    We probably could have done without that particular comment.

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