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  • Daniel

    Beautiful. Can’t say I dislike anything about it. The square TV in photo 8 confuses me.

  • opinionfree

    What would you call the façade? I’m guessing some kind of Mediterranean/ Beaux Arts hybrid. It’s hard to be a hater on such a piece of art and it’s in Europe. Altering the inside would be a crime and yet with a few tweaks…
    I wish when it was created, they hadn’t gone so hog wild with all that frosting. e.g. picture 11, with it’s floral garland. It’s craftsmanship is beyond reproach, it’s beauty is ‘taste specific’. The hand me down, turn of the century furnishings can be retired. The floors are works of art.
    I couldn’t live in it but would pay to take a tour of it.

  • Nash

    I know its not guadi, but I suppose an inspiration

  • rob

    Beautiful, like living in a work of art. I love the library. I am going to guess that the family that owns this apartment actually reads. Classic, old, aristocratic and intellectual. What is not to like.

    • rob

      PS. I would say. beaux-arts, roccoco.

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