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  • Sam

    Love 1 and 3, hate 2 and 4

  • Teddi

    3 is my fave. Love that the main house is a large mansion size, but not excessively massive and they separated what most people would have included in one building into separate ones. They have what looks to be a row of townhomes which I am assuming is the guest house, LOVE that. I know most people won’t but I do. There’s lots of parking both in terms of garage space and parking space.

    Love the roundabout walking path/golf cart path. The little hut by the lake is adorable. But most of all, they have what I have always wanted for myself, and always want to see in estate homes with large land space, a (proper) vegetable garden and greenhouse. At this point, I don’t even care too much what the inside of the house looks like. I’m betting I wouldn’t have much to complain about. They were conscientious about their land usage and space, would reason they would have taken that to the interior as well.

    My one major complaint is that the pool is too far away from the main house, but if they have small kids, then that’s fine. Those safety gates are always hideous and detracting, so I’d give pool distance a pass if kids are involved.

  • Daniel

    3 ain’t bad.

    • Teddi

      Hahahaha. Daniel you crack me up. There I am gushing on and on about 3 and as usual, your succinct summation takes the cake.

  • Tay

    Mansion number 4 in Syosset isn’t new. It was built at least 5 years ago. I’ve been driving by it for years and years lol. -__-

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