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  • Daniel

    1 is stunning, 2 looks like a medical complex, 3 looks abandoned.

    • Brian

      #2 is a medical complex with 5 swimming pools, probably for rehab.

      Re #3, is THIS mansion supposed to be the White House replica, or does that refer to some other mansion? This one bears no resemblance to Obama’s current abode.

      #1 (out of order) does look spectacular – and immense. I suppose there is no hope of bribing someone for ground level photos and plans?

      • Aleksandar

        Perhaps you can pay the local photographer to take aerial pictures.

      • Aleksandar

        Number two is not a medical complex, it’s called Jasminoor and belongs to SHeikh Hassan M. Enany.

  • Grrrowler

    Sidestepping the obvious delusions required to build a “replica” of the White House for oneself, THAT’S supposed to be the White House? Someone didn’t study the plans very closely. It’s obviously abandoned in these pics, as are the surrounding houses that I assume are part of the complex.

  • Aleksandar
  • Jason

    thanks for the mention of El Nido and A-Cero. as someone who doesn’t like modern/contemporary as much as classical, the A-Cero firm design wildly amazing houses! WOW. and plans galore too…

  • Teddi

    Are we sure 3 is supposed to be a White House replica? There is absolutely no similarities except both are large residences. Nothing else. In any case, based on the condition of the pool alone, It has to be abandoned. No one will live with that mosquito trap.

    #2 looks like another waterpark. Seems like too many unnecessary pools and water features.

    Love the dual motorcourts in #1. Main driveway corridor, split into an entrance driveway and an exit driveway. Then the motorcourts separated by the porte cochere. It’s a great design

  • Aleksandar

    If you use Google’s Street View and position yourself in front of the Mediterranean mansion, you will see two signs. One says Al Khaldiah, so maybe this is another Saudi royal residence, and the other Calle Monte …. Perhaps some more pictures can be tracked.

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