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  • Sam

    4 is my favorite.

  • Teddi

    If I’m watching any sporting event, I’d have to go with #6.

    Maybe because I’m a girl, I just don’t get the obsession that people have of putting the heads of animals on the walls. All I can think is, the poor bear. Such a great majestic creature and such an ignominious resting place.
    As for the deer? A Ron White bit comes to mind. If you can kill one going 40mph and blaring your horn they aren’t that elusive to nab and mounting one isn’t a sign of being some great hunter. Either way, I don’t get why a dead animal should be decor.

  • Daniel

    4 or 12 for me.

  • Al Robinson

    My 2 favorites are #10 and #16. But any really nice mansion has to have a sports watching room.

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