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  • Grrrowler

    In a multimillion-dollar house, a laundry room is not one that I would spend a lot of time decorating. I mean, I would put high-quality appliances and cabinetry, and make it highly functional, but I wouldn’t worry about it being decorated to the same standard as the rest of the house, and I wouldn’t intend to highlight it on a tour of the house. That said, the one thing missing from all of the laundry rooms above is the maid.

    • opinionfree

      Sorry to say, but I see it the other way. Because it is a multimillion dollar home, every room should be done: even the laundry room. Nothing sadder, then going into a grand home, that is under finished or unfurnished. It’s the same way I hate seeing a garage that still has unpainted drywall with the white plaster mud still visible. Paint the inside of the garage, especially if everyone can see it, when it’s open. Would you have people see your unmade bed?
      Finish decorating your home, or buy a home you can afford. Hell, Candy Spelling would give guests to her home a tour of the gift wrapping rooms. Do you think I wanted to see them? To be honest, I did.

      • Grrrowler

        I do agree with you that every room in a multimillion dollar house should be finished to a high standard, but I think there’s a limit. I also hate rooms in any house that have been more or less ignored just because they’re not generally open to visitors. But, just as I wouldn’t include a machinery room on a house tour, I wouldn’t include the laundry room. The rooms in pics 2, 6, and 11 have gone from being functional but well-finished spaces to being overdecorated for their purpose. With something like a laundry room, form should follow function

        • opinionfree

          Again, I respectfully must disagree. I’m not trying to convince you of this, but will share how I look at it. I love to see the mechanical room, the HVAC, electrical, plumbing, attic, basement, the pantry, etc. and all the ‘off limits’ places in a estate.
          The same way, when I’m on a cruise ship (large or small) I need to see the engine room or buy a car and need to get the hood open, before I open the doors.
          I can appreciate so much more about the people and residence when I see those things, as opposed to seeing a $20,000,000 piece of art on the wall.

          • Grrrowler

            We are definitely on the same page. I love seeing a well-done machinery space in a house, on a boat, in a car, or in a commercial building. I find the engineering of a house at least as interesting as the architecture and design. I think where we differ is that I don’t want my machinery spaces to be decorated like they’re something other than what they are. I don’t want the living room to look like a laundry room, and I don’t want the laundry room to look like a living room. I definitely hope I don’t come across as argumentative; I enjoy the discussion!

          • opinionfree

            Too funny. No, I didn’t take you as argumentative. I was hoping I didn’t sound defensive. I very much enjoy this kind of polite discussion and broadening of ideas. Washington politicians, take note.
            I agree with you, these rooms have crossed the line from function to frivolity. Only pixs 6 and 7, have actual table space to sort and fold the laundry (which is kinda important in a laundry room). All of these laundry rooms are the things soccer moms will use as a decorative status weapon against each other, like fancy shoes or a new car.

            And to answer Daniel’s question: yes.

  • jason

    These are all pretty nice laundry rooms- save for #6 which is overwrought & looks to be a part of the last Phoenix area house. It seems many of these rooms double as craft rooms/wrapping rooms. That must explain the dumb inspirational words & quotes on the walls. I agree w/ Grrrowler- keep the laundry room as a simple, purposeful function of the house.

  • Daniel

    Am I the only one who thinks a laundry room *shouldn’t* resemble a kitchen?

    • Phil

      No, I agree with you too. That’s why I like #4 out of all these 12, to me it’s the most simple-looking.

  • Venom

    Buddy of mine did his LR like the one in pic #8 with 2 washing machines and 2 dryers. Really handy when you have a large family. I absolutely think your laundry room should look as nice as the rest of your home. The rooms you actually spend the most time in are the kitchen, the family room, the master bedroom, the master bathroom and your laundry room. Considering the wife is the one that usually spends a lot of time at home and in those rooms, especially the laundry room, you better believe a nice laundry room will help sell a home faster.

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