Here is a look at 16 indoor hot tubs/spas from Houzz.com! Enjoy!

  • Eric


    Number 8 looks more liek a small pool then a hot tub, it is MASSIVE!
    The room it is in isn’t bad however. I have always felt a hot tub should be a communal area, often a place to ‘mingle’ when having a party, so having chairs, tables, etc around it I see as a plus.

    Number 9 is interesting, but the room it is in looks more like a Solarium, and thus in my mind the “Hot tub” feels more like a pond, I look at it and expect to see fish in it…

    Number 14 made me almost spit coffee on my key bored!
    I mean I can see what they were trying to do… Just the other day I had say how I liked the concept of “Grottos” in a mansion.. But that.. YRCH!
    if you build a room like that you either build it in a basement (to add to that cave feeling) Or you build it as an addition to your pool area…
    This thing looks like it was built in someone old covered porch! I mean ye gods, the windows look like they have tacky screens on them AND there are curtains!

    Number 12 however is the one I find I most approve of!
    It has that feeling of “Being outside whiling being inside”
    It is large, airy, lets in a lot of light, and I love the enclosed coach / table set up at the base of it. Personally I think the height of the roof is a TAD Over the top, but all in all, this one gets my thumbs up.


  • opinionfree

    I really like a hot tub. That said, I really like it outside. Concerns of inclement weather are best treated by a pergola over the tub.
    No disrespect to those that prefer the communal bathhouse hot tub experience. It was a hoot and a half back in the 70’s. Nowadays, I would have no tolerance for any such nonsense to be occurring in my company. I’m too old and aqua sex is too uncomfortable.


  • John

    5 seems serene