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  • Eric

    Oh now HERE is a “A Look At” that I really enjoy, as I do so LOVE Grotto’s!

    I know most tend to find them a bit over the top or silly, but I have always loved the concept.
    Mostly I enjoy the concept of semi-hidden or out of the way places to relax.
    Especially as most have a secluded hot tub or spa. Which is something that I enjoy as When it comes to such things I always do prefer a bit of privacy.

    Of the 16 listed above, #8 and #14 both are from the same area and I quite like that one, it is a “Secluded rough/natural entrance leading into a more refined rest area” If there was a hot tub in that space as well I’d say it would be idea 😉

  • Daniel

    I’m on the fence with grottos. Depends how the overall landscaping is of the property.

  • Nash

    looks fun

  • rob

    I love the idea of grottos but the execution always looks tacky. I wish someone would sit down with a serious designer, maybe someone who designs hot springs in Japan and make one of these that looks great.


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