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  • Justin Taylor

    The Moroccan style really isn’t my thing but I can appreciate the intense manual labour required for the intricate tiling through this entire…. wouldn’t call it a house…. palace? to completely contradict what I just said I do like the pool area.

  • Daniel

    Breathtaking. Stunning.

  • Grrrowler

    The architecture and detailing are both stunning. However, as I clicked through the pics I began to wonder how long before I saw a comfortable chair. I was starting to that that it was just a collection of galleries and hallways. The buildings and grounds really are beautiful, but it feels more like a museum than a private home.

  • Tony

    The quality of this house is pretty good. I don’t know why most of the newer built Arab architecture in the middle east always looks like crap. Maybe they could learn something from the Morocans about architecture.

  • Eric

    As an example of ‘genuine’ middle east architecture and decoration, this house is GORGEOUS!
    The level of craftsmanship, work detail, artistic additions, it is light years above what you see on even the more lavish Western mega mansions.
    That said, the home gives me much more the feel of a hotel then, well a house. I could never see myself living in such a place, but purely from an artist standpoint it is breathtaking.

  • Bill

    It can stay in Morocco, thank you! A little too “Western Asian roccoco” for my taste.

  • Teddi

    Absolutely stunning, and I don’t usually like Moroccan decor and architecture. I thought it was a palace, actually. The only room that made me frown was the bathroom. A clawfoot tub in the middle of that vast room is more than weird, but I don’t know enough about Middle Eastern bathrooms to know if that is the norm or not.

    I’m assuming this ‘home’ is for a dignitary, someone who wants and could use the Moroccan equivalent of a castle. Can’t really see a normal family living there.

  • David

    Magnificent building and architecture
    Does anyone know an address or have additional photos

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