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  • Daniel

    I feel bad for the neighbors. Having to look at this for 8+ years would probably drive me to torch the damn thing.

  • Grrrowler

    There’s not much to say about the interior without seeing the full floorplans. The best to help the exterior is to simply tear it down and start with an entirely new design.

  • opinionfree

    I’m not sure what on Earth picture 10 is supposed to be. So it’s a 2 story room, with a catwalk balcony framing it, but what’s with the fireplace over fireplace setup. It’s just really odd.
    If the exterior and landscaping were in for the last 8 years, it would have been of no consequence to me, if the interiors weren’t finished.

    • Andrew

      It’s the main entrance hall – you can see the same wall in pic 9. As to why there is a walkway and another fireplace up there, is anyone’s guess.

  • Al Robinson

    This is just an UGLY fucking mansion that should just get torn down….

    With that said, let’s talk about how pointless this place is….


  • Teddi

    Sorry, but that exterior is really awful, especially the front. I think someone just needs to find out how much the land is worth and put that as the listing price.

    And I agree with Kenny, it really doesn’t seem like 41k sf, half that maybe.

  • mac22

    What an eyesore. Tear it down and spare the neighborhood anymore embarassment.

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