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  • Nicholas Hinkle II

    I would love to see the architect’s website portfolio photographs of the interiors and amenities of this home. This is Bruce Bastian’s current home, or at least to my knowledge.


    The home is at 1384 N 450 E in Orem, UT. The far less palatial home has just over 18,600 square feet of living space and is set on 3.84 acres.

  • opinionfree

    Really, 2 tennis courts?
    I can overlook all the excesses in this home and I truly don’t begrudge, anyone of anything. However, this 2 tennis courts thing just doesn’t sit right with me.

  • Bill_in_NY

    If anything, I’d probably add on an enclosed walkway to the rec room…uh, I mean recreational pavillion.

  • Daniel

    Stupid location. In the middle of a rather normal looking subdivision. It’s a tear down if she tries to resell it. Is his house the one about 1/4 directly east of this? Also a stupid location for a house of that size. Finally, stupid street names all around. House itself doesn’t look like a tragedy.

    • Daniel

      1/4 mile*

  • DesigNate

    If you read in the description above you’ll see that the main house and rec. house are connected by an underground hallway. The location of the rec house in relation to the floor plan of the main house is off. Normally you’d think the rec house would be adjacent off the main family living area of the main house, but here the rec house is adjacent to the Guest suite. I think the rec house is meant to be more of an extension of the main house. The underground hallway is located in the area where the indoor racquetball court is.

  • JohnnyBGood

    Uh…they failed to list the most important item. They have water slides at the indoor pool. That’s a big oversight. Oh and the dance hall floor is from a Jazz hosted allstar game. Fun times had by all!

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