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  • Daniel

    Well you have to give them points for creativity. It’s all a bit too quirky for me however. Pricey too.

  • Sam

    Very unique house. If this was mine I would definitely relocate the circular guest house and probably repaint the garden-y wine tasting room, but then again, I would never buy this house even if I had the money so whatever. I do like how they made good use of space with making a lot of the important rooms face the water with big windows, I especially the dining room. I also really like the stairs for some reason, probably because they’re so shiny lol.

    • Sam

      Actually after a second look, I like the circular guest house and the location of it. It’s definitely unique if not one-of-a-kind.

      • Kenny Forder

        Yeah I’ve never seen that before, love it!

  • Grrrowler

    The circular guest hose is the only thing I like. It’s evocative of a lighthouse, which is a little spot-on for a beachfront house, but I still like it. The main house’s interior is nothing exciting, and the exterior seems like a confused mess.

    • Eric

      I have to say I love this house mostly on the fact that it is actually creative about the design. The circular lighthouse part of course is fantastic, after all most of us will admit to one time or another wishing we could live in a light house 😀

      The ‘reverse’ Circular area on the main house is another unique area and makes for interesting space. It is just a shame that the photos taken are so blurry, whoever did that should be in a for earful 😛

      Oh yes I also LOVE the location, have always wanted to live in a small time in Massachusetts

  • Venom

    I like it, it is not bad. I love the guest house. My guess is that it is more of a guard house than a guest house.

  • Bill_in_NY

    (I saw this while researching something else)
    You’re all nuts. That guest house in the middle of the front court is the most f’d up idea I’ve ever heard of.
    And as a guard house? That thing’s so close to the main residence it’s sorta like closing the screen door AFTER the flies have gotten into the house.

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