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  • Daniel

    I think the downfall of this home is the ugly exterior, mainly everything west of the garages (where the indoor pool is). And honestly, an indoor pool is the most impractical thing to have in South Florida. Interior has some nice spaces but you can do better.

  • Eric

    Usually I LOVE Indoor or underground swimming pools, but this one just made me laugh..
    Because we know that when I Look up while swimming, seeing a HUGE Flying shark over head is JUST What I want! Am I Rite?

    Really this house suffers the same fate as several recent house in it’s love of ‘Faux-Fresco’ everywhere.

    I mean, can anyone time me who on earth thinks its good having such gaudy paintings everywhere? And what is up with that big round thing above the fire place?

  • opinionfree

    I actually like the front, exterior architecture. With a couple of tweaks, I think it could be lovely.
    First, picture yourself as a car, driving down that long driveway. The first thing you encounter is that solid block, white wall. Yes, it’s got some embellishment, but even that is in white. Put some windows on it and it won’t look like an abandoned tractor trailer parked in front of your home. Same for the next part of the house you encounter, the right side front, with more walled up arches. Put some windows in and soften it up.
    I can live with the textured white stucco exterior (I wish they has used a smooth sand finish instead) and brown barrel roof tiles. If they install a strong, brown toned stone on just the exterior 2 story rotunda, I would really like the front exterior much more.
    The rear façade and interior (less the kitchen floors) are a totally different story.
    Question: In picture 4, is that a person or a statue?

  • Venom

    I am not feeling it, it is too busy, for lack of a better word. Not that attractive a home period. Nice location, my guess is it will be a teardown.

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