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  • Eric

    So… Let me get this straight…

    23000 square feet
    11+ Acres
    Right off the highway that goes to Green bay.
    Under 2million
    And over 180 days on the market…

    This thing is either one HELL of a bargain, or a massive Lemon.
    I am very, VERY Suspicious what sort of structural problems an unfinished house in upper WI might have taken on in that time…

    I’ll admit From the few shots we get of the interior, ((At least the finished parts)) I Like what I see. Those silly, massive square fixtures in pic9 will simply have to go.And who knows how much it would cost to finish.. But the Exterior I Really quite like, and 11+ Acres has a lot of possibilities for extra buildings and spaces.

    Really if I could see more of the interior, and get a structural report of any damages, this MIGHT be a really good find.

    • opinionfree

      Forgive me for asking, but I need to know:

      ‘and 11+ Acres has a lot of possibilities for extra buildings and spaces.’

      This home has over 23,000 square feet of finished space. Exactly what kind of ‘extra buildings or spaces’ are you thinking, a new owner might require?

      Also looking at picture 8, I see really nice quality. Beautiful interior brick work, dramatic dormers, and gorgeous custom windows.

      • Eric

        Oh the “”and 11+ Acres has a lot of possibilities for extra buildings and spaces.””
        That is a personal interest of mine. I like large estates that have several small Misc buildings, like a guest house, or gazebo, or a ‘retreat’. Older Estates from the turn of the century would often have up to a dozen Misc small buildings for grounds keeping, farming, etc. For me I’d like something that evokes that feel.

        • opinionfree

          Eric, I honestly wasn’t trying to be a smart arse. I had a feeling that was a personal thing. Where the vision of multiply outbuildings, that actually support the ‘full’ functioning of the estate are required. It’s really a lovely vision, even more so in today’s fast paced world. Unfortunately for old souls like us, save for small pockets of provenance, those days are past.

          • Eric

            Oh you are just fine sweetie, I knew exactly what you were talking about.
            Teddi put the words better far more than myself in any case.

            A house of this size needs a lot more to it if you want to have a “proper” estate 😛

      • Teddi

        Opinionfree, it’s a 23,000sf house, with no pool or corresponding pool house. No outdoor anything for that matter. With 11 acres and an estate size main house I would expect to see a guest house or staff housing. They are touting 2 ponds, so a waterfront guest house would have been something to consider. A storage space or workshop wouldn’t be remiss. And definitely some type of space to hold a bbq area/summer kitchen would be at the top of that list.

  • Daniel

    The kitchen looks like it was inspired by the finest flea market finds. The stair banister belongs in a $200K townhouse.

    • Teddi

      Totally agree. Don’t know what they were thinking with either of those choices. That breakfast room (is it a breakfast room?) is pretty horrible as well.

  • Al Robinson

    Yeah, $1.9 million for 23,000+ sq ft is cheap. I don’t know…. It could be a pretty good bargain. But it depends on how much money would need to be spent if there are any repairs needed, or just furnishing it.

  • Teddi

    don’t like homes where you have to hike it to the front door. too many steps. That must be lovely to walk up and down on in heels.

    As for the kitchen, no point having an open floorplan if you’re going to be hanging pots from the middle of the room. There’s a reason pot hangers aren’t featured in new kitchens any more.

    6 months on the market at that low of a price with that much land involved and no takers? Something’s off.

  • Venom

    If you like large ugly castles then this is the place for you. However that square footage and price are an exceedingly screaming deal. WTF? Like the others said, there has to be something seriously wrong with this for this to be this cheap.

  • Sam

    This house has been abandoned for a while I think and was on HOTR a little over a year ago— http://homesoftherich.net/2009/03/a-look-at-wisconsin-mansions/

    Apparently the house has been neglected and most of the windows are broken so it would probably need some repairs/renovations along with the finishing of the house, which is probably part of the reason why the asking price is only $1.9 million.

    Also, Oneida isn’t exactly a nice part of Wisconsin; it’s not bad, I just don’t know why anyone would build a 23,000 square foot house there. That explains why even with 11+ acres, it’s so cheap. My uncle owns about 300 acres around that area that I know he didn’t pay a crazy amount for.

    I hope for the best with this house, but I think it’s going to be very difficult for it to sell. Hopefully the price will speed the process up a bit.

    • Teddi

      Hi Sam, thanks for the insight. Much appreciated.

      Quick question. Based on your description of broken windows etc are the pics not a good representation of the current state it’s in? Honestly, that would make sense given the price tag and time on the market.

      If windows are broken, it’s a safe bet that the copper plumbing and wires have been stripped too. They may need to actually come down in price or put it on the market finished.

  • josh

    this place is a disaster architecturally. designed by the builder, i’m guessing. what a waste…

  • Alex

    The house is a foreclosure. The builder was also the home owner. he went belly up in 2008ish and so did his massive project. The house needs to be finished but my guess would be it would only cost around 1.5 million more to get it done. it is surrounded by some of the finer neighborhoods of green bay, you have Thornberry creek just down the road which is a gated golf community and you also have Indian Trails across the road which is where a lot of the old money resides. if you are looking for a smaller home the owner of this home also has a forclosure in Thornberry creek where he actually took the kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities with him when he left. what a guy!

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