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  • Daniel

    Interior and exterior are completely mismatched.

  • Justin Taylor

    I like it, especially the interior. simple and clean.

  • c

    Looked up your previous post— wow what a difference this house was awful…. now it’s so so.

    The interior I like a lot actually…. not awful with the exterior but the exterior doesn’t 100% fit but it works enough.

    The placement on the lot is not the best…. the backyard / pool is sorta the front yard. Not sure if this was oriented this way for a view of some sort but it means as you drive up the driveway you would see everyone lounging by the pool. Could be fixed with some landscaping.

    Overall I like the house. But it has it’s pitfalls.

  • Eric

    Exterior is ok, structure looks nice, but it seems to be in yet another “Mansion Suburbia” crammed into a small space between dozens of other similar mansions. I have always said that if you are going to get a mansion, especially in a more ‘rustic’ state like CO, you would want it to be in the middle of Vast Tracks of Land!

    As for the interior.. Well…
    White walls, white fixtures, white furniture, white curtains white bedsheets.

    YRCH! Why is it some people feel that there does not need to be ANY color in a house?

    • Sam

      Some people don’t like all that color in a house. To me it looks cluttered when people have brown walls, green rugs, red furniture, different-shade-of-brown tables, gold light fixtures, etc. Having all white is clean, modern, and it makes a statement.

  • rob

    I have never liked Cherry Hills. There are so many better places to live if you are living in this area. A house in Evergreen or Boulder or Hilltop is in a much better location. Cherry hills is just typical suburbia.

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