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  • Mak

    Perfect for the man with 5 wives.

    • Teddi

      LMAO. Mak, too funny

  • Eric

    Oh-ho, poor taste Mak, poor taste ;P
    That said I am oddly surprised and charmed by this house.. I went expecting Log-cabin Old West style. And instead find a rather surprising east coast (in places) Craftsmen style house.

    The front Entrance I quite love, with the inlaid stone mosaic in the floor and the large arched wood doors.
    Living room is rather nice, love the open feel (but not TOO huge) And big built in cabinets with stained glass motifs (I LOVE Built in cabinets and shelving of all types!)
    The Kitchen I am also impressed with, it looks small, but there is actually a lot of work space and once agin, Wood everywhere, in the trim, panels, and crown of the room. Also love the choice of darker marble for the island.

    Also the basement (if that is the basement) Is quite impressive! We have both a bar and a rec area that looks heavily inspired from turn of the century achritecture. The pressed tin roof is another nice historical touch.

    Will write more, don’t want the post to be too long or the Goblins might eat it, but LOVE what I see so far!

  • Daniel

    11 bedrooms is a lot and given the location, I don’t think Mak’s comment is too far off.

  • opinionfree

    I’m getting the feeling this place can be rented out for large galas. The circular driveway, with those planters for seating, scream valet parking waiting area. The exterior entranceway looks like a catering hall. The interior entranceway gives me a coat check feel. The bar in the basement, oh how much I dislike that bar in the basement.

    People like wet bars in homes. Not me. I find them so off putting and depressing. It’s the same feeling when you enter an abandoned house, you feel the life but it’s gone. If you live in a house this size, you should have a house person 24/7. They can bring beverages to you and your guests, anytime and anyplace within the residence. If I’m having a function, the caterers can set up a bar station and dismantle it when done.

    Always try and end on a positive: I do love the pool and greenhouse.

  • Teddi

    Alright, I saw this in the middle of the night and couldn’t get past the godawful furniture, so am taking another look now. 11 bedrooms and 5 kitchens. FIVE kitchens? I thought Mak was being funny but this is a new episode of Sister Wives waiting to happen.

    The last Utah mansion featured here had a wet bar, but not for alcohol, it was more of a juice bar than a bar. Not a wine cellar or fridge to be seen. Either way, I don’t see the point of having a mansion without a bar. It’s one of those expected things especially if there is a lot of entertaining to be had, but perhaps not this type of bar. That’s the type of bar for commercial use, not for private home function socializing.

    There’s a guest house; wink wink nudge nudge and garage space for 14 which is wonderful to have on any estate.

    The rooms are big with high ceilings and lots of windows but I hate everything else: the decor, the floors the furniture, just old traditional but not in a good way.

  • Matt

    the house is ok, but i absolutely love the front door!

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