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  • Eric

    Another case of a Nice Exterior, Nice yard and grounds, nice location (right across the river from Yonkers NY)
    But HORRIBLE Interior!

    I swear no two rooms seemed to have the same design style. Going from pic to pic, you could believe you were looking in rooms from whole different houses.
    The entrance is ‘ok’i if only because it doesn’t have a double staircase.
    The Kitchen is ‘ok’ as well if only because the grey marble and off white colors make a bit of variation from the normal eye bleeding white we get.
    But the rest of the rooms are a mess of jumbled styles.

  • Daniel

    Echoing Eric, nice exterior, not so nice interior.

  • hoya

    Nice house, horrible decorating. It’s so bad, it almost looks like a staged home rather than an occupied home, particularly the master bedroom. But, I think the architecture of the house, both inside and out, is actually quite nice. $6.2M seems reasonable, all things considered. Lots of potential here.

  • Grrrowler

    Beautiful exterior, and tragic interior. There’s something in every room that I simply can’t stand.

    Note the agent: If you’re having pictures taken of multimillion dollar house you hope to sell, make sure the lights all work, especially in a decorative feature made up of lights.

  • opinionfree

    Nice exterior, that actually says ‘money’ to me. Unfortunately, the house is too close to the street entranceway. For a 1.9 acre lot, I want a driveway leading up to the house. Even the back yard is tiny, although well to over-equipped, for it’s size. I’m thinking most of the land must be unusable.

    The interior was done, by the bored wife of the owner, as a ‘project’. Read: kids are off to college and the mommy needs a new hobby. Keep searching mommy, because interior design, doesn’t seem to be your new calling. Is there anything sadder than that lone lazy boy recliner, sitting in front of the bed, in that empty master bedroom?

    • Grrrowler

      There is no doubt in my mind that the chair in the master bedroom is aimed directly at a TV mounted on the wall, and that someone probably spends a lot of time in it.

  • Bill_in_NY

    Love the exterior, “like” the interior.
    I’m iffy about the main reception area, not a fan of high bathtubs, but no complaints about anything else. Check that…lousy location. If I can afford a residence like that, I’ll want it in an area where I’ll never have to suffer the cold and snow again for the rest of my life!


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