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  • Markus

    For candy and candy this is actually pretty good. I like the great room and the wall treatments throughout. Nothing goes too far into garish oligarch here.

    It’s still not my style but definitely one of their best. Maybe a client had more involvement with this one so its a bit less candy velvet studded oligarch generic. A BIT LESS!

  • WrteStufLA

    I agree with Markus — this is a rare C&C design that seems reasonably restrained and in context of the physical space.

  • Daniel

    Love it, want it. Stunning.

  • Grrrowler

    It’s beautiful. I’m so glad it’s not a typical C&C design, and that it actually looks like a home, instead of a nightclub. The location is superb. Based on that alone, I’m sure the price has a whole lot of zeros in it.

  • opinionfree

    I love it but couldn’t live in it. I find their designs to be ‘too done’ for real life. This one offers a faux warm and inviting guise that belies a barely tolerable, obnoxious arrogance. I think this would make an amazing hotel suite.

    • Teddi

      I guess we’re on the same level here. Those bedrooms especially screamed high-end hotel to me. Great to look at but lacking any sense of livability or warmth.
      And nothing turns me off more than a cold-looking kitchen. It is possible (because I’ve seen them) to have a sleek, non-traditional kitchen with warmth if not charm. This had neither.

  • Teddi

    Wow, I guess I’ll be the voice of dissension here. I have seen other C&C designs that I liked better than this one, and this one is fine, except it has the same issue that all C&C designed homes have, which is, I can’t imagine anyone living there except fastidious empty nesters. Every single home I’ve seen in which C&C did the decor, they are for the most part visually stunning but I always get the sense that I would have to be Adrian Monk to live there and keep them looking proper.

    All C&C home decors have the sofas with the million and one cushions all perfectly aligned and I can feel my eye already twitching just imaging people sitting down and dismantling those cushions. I don’t find it live-in friendly. I find them perfect for AD or other decor magazines. Great to look at but living there would be a pain. Those cushions alone would drive me up the wall. And the bedrooms…what can I say. If I walked into a hotel and got greeted with that I’d be ecstatic. But for a home? No, no and no.

  • Ted

    wow, this is great. i don’t know why but i love homes with a kind of beaux arts exterior and the somewhat contemporary interiors. candy and candy did good on this job.

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