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  • Eric

    Who the bloody hells designed that, thing? I Mean look at the photos in the listing/ It isn’t a home, it is a warehouse!

    One massive un ending room going from one side of the house to the other?
    That and this is a really REALLY Bad case of “EBW” or “Eye Bleeding White!”
    The walls are white, the floors are white, the dressers and counters are white!
    The only color at all is the darkwood first floor, and that looks like a showroom more then a home.

    • Evelyn

      At first, I thought what a wonderful place for weddings and special events business. Then, I really looked at the pictures and thought it looks like a warehouse too…Hmm, I believe stage presents is needed to give the feeling of home. Just saying…

  • RCL

    Agree. This is not a great design and the house seems out of “alignment” some how.

  • Grrrowler

    I’m guessing the architect was going for the feel of a bucolic country house. It didn’t work. The whole thing is a confused mess; I can’t even figure out where the front door is. The interior is a large volume of blandness covered in whitewash.

  • Daniel

    Ghastly. This home style is supposed to be charming, cozy, and quaint. This home fails on all accounts.

  • Bill

    How can you expect a mega-mansion to be charming, cozy, and quaint when it isn’t even furnished? Or are you utilizing photos other than those presented on this page?

    • Teddi

      I’m guessing the stark white walls, dull dark floors, and overly cavernous rooms at least hint at the fact that charming or quaint it will never be, no matter how many pieces of furniture get plopped in it. We’ve seen mansions before which are able to evoke those feelings. The description says ‘Southern Plantation Style’. I’m guessing one would have to be a psychic or medium to be able to reach that far into the ether to get what that style from this design. Alas, looks like no one else here has that talent.

  • Teddi

    As a person whose usual complaint is that the kitchen isn’t big enough, I never thought I’d finally see a kitchen of great size that I’d dislike. It actually pains me to get my wish and have it be a disappointment. Southern plantation home with a cold, white kitchen? Isn’t that some kind of sacrilege?

    As for the house itself, I have to agree with Evelyn. It looks like a place that would be okay to host events at or business retreats. As a home there is just so much not right. Striped awnings and large verandas notwithstanding, southern plantation I am not seeing.

  • Al Robinson

    Ha ha!!!! I WIN!!! Fuck you “no address given”. God I fucking HATE that.

    The address is 9779 Oak Pass Rd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

    Boo ya!!!

    (Kenny, this is not directed at you. You always list the address when they’re listed).

    • Al Robinson

      Okay, technically it says: “No Address Available”.

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