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  • rob

    I like it. they did a good job on the decorating and I like the ceiling in the living room and the double level library. The stonework and the wood work look well done. My only thing is with it being in Birmingham. Drove through Birmingham in a volkswagen with new jersey plate one saturday night. Thought we were going to be shot.

  • Daniel


  • Dunwoody

    The built-in gun racks say it all.

  • Bill_in_NY

    They’re not racks. Racks don’t have doors. They’re gun cabinets.

  • eric

    Let me start off by saying that, firstly, my fondness for this house would be greatly increased if the photos taken were not INCREDIBLY BLURY! Seriously whoever decided those photos were good enough to use should be fired!

    That said, there is a lot I do like in the house (having to squint my eyes mind you)

    The two story Library/ Study is very charming! Being such a slut of wood paneled rooms in general. The use of wood overall is something I love in general. In the kitchen, in many of the bedrooms and bathrooms. And in the sunroom.

    Yes I know many would call it “Overbearing” or “Dark and Dreary” but I quite like it.

    Unfortunately it is hard to say more than that, the poor quality of the photos makes looking at them for too long just hurts the eyes.

  • Sam

    Absolutely beautiful landscaping…

  • Wendy

    Who knew the comment section for a blog about floor plans would be such a good source for regional bigotry?

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