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  • Jason

    Another day another bloated design turd. Oh, to be so rich but lacking in taste. Why can`t I have there money with my understanding of architecture? This must be a Schultze design. Plus I can`t see living in a desert city with all that dirt. It looks like an unfinished construction site to my eyes.

  • mak

    All that seement mustacosta forchune!

    Really…that stupid fountain thing in the back is just the WORST display of idiotic wealth that one could dream up.

  • Grrrowler

    Awful…simply awful. The front and back of the house don’t belong together, and the second floor in the back looks like it sank into the first floor. The house seems to want to be both stately and rustic, and it fails at both. The details both inside and out are pedestrian, at best, and not befitting a $16,000,000 house. The interior furnishings are . . . well, they’re awful, simply awful.

    I think the dessert can be beautiful, but I would have no desire to live in one. That said, the only house I’ve ever seen in Arizona that I’d really want to live in is the boulder house in Scottsdale: http://fortmcdowelladventures.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/boulder-house-fortmcdowelladventures.png. Unfortunately it’s no longer a private home and is used for vacation rentals and as a wedding/event venue.

  • opinionfree

    Oh come on. If you buy this home, you not only get your own reflecting pool and (as if that’s not enough) your own mini Grecian temple.
    This place spells it, Klassy with a K.
    As a personal aside, I abhor the use of the word classy (think nails on a chalk board). Although, it is acceptable for use and spelling, in this situation.

    • Grrrowler

      You’d be surprised (or maybe not!) how often I use the phrase “Klassy with a capital K.” It truly applies in this case!

  • Daniel

    Bad, bad, bad.

  • Eric

    The “This house doesn’t know what it wants to be” aspect of this is something I have a seen a few times before, Looking at all of the ‘things’ in this house, I would say it is due to a specific aliment I call: “Kitchen Sink Syndrome!”

    Basically I get the feeling the builder / owner of this house was one of those rich people who said “OK! I want a house with one of these and one of these OH! And it has to have one of those!” I mean go down the list for this place:
    Greek Temple
    Greek Temple Reflecting pool
    East coast “Faux Classical” front
    West coast “Rural west” back
    Mini Golf corse
    Lots of fountains,

    I mean can you not just picture some rich guy telling a puzzled and bemused architect that he wants a House with ALL of these things in it?

  • Venom

    This is just horrid, just awful. Guarantee this belongs to some tacky ass car dealer or something. $1000/sq.ft will get me a NYC penthouse, a Paris penthouse, insane beachfront mansion in the Bahamas, incredible mansion in Southern California, not that horrid house on that turd of a dirt lot in Arizona.

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