Location: 13541 S Tuscalee Hill Circle, Draper, UT

Square Footage: 15,860

Bedrooms & Bathrooms: 6 bedrooms & 10 bathrooms

Price: $4,200,000

This European inspired mansion is located at 13541 S Tuscalee Hill Circle in Draper, UT and situated on close to 2 acres of land. It was designed by the Highland Group and built by Tri-City construction in 2008. It features approximately 15,860 square feet of living space with 6 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, grand floating staircase leading to all levels, elevator formal living and dining rooms, 2-story great room with Limestone fireplace and bookshelves, gourmet kitchen, 2nd floor library loft, lower level family room with fireplace, gym, home theater, wet bar, golf simulation room, play room, 3-car garage and much more.


  • Daniel

    Such an obnoxious staircase. What is the point of the mini-mezzanine 7 steps up? Backyard is sad looking.


    • opinionfree

      That is a admiration platform. So whenst making one’s grand entrance, the gentlemen callers can gaze upon the beauty that descends and titillates their carnal desires.
      A resting place for old farts (like me), to enjoy the elevated view of the outside scenery whilst climbing up such a long staircase.


      • Eric

        Indeed so, the Marble Stair case of the Astor Mansion in NY Was a wonderful example of this.
        Of course the “Good Ol'” Staircases were usually inside a might stone central shaft.
        This one looks like it is half floating in mid air, and not in a good way. Also the height difference is quite silly… It is making the trip to the second floor three times as long, and not going up very high at all.

        The real reason for the big grand “Split Level” stair cases of old was actually often due to space constraints, You had to often split and bend a stair case to go up, because (especially in NY) You didn’t always have the room for a long un-ending length.

        As for carpet.. .Well I will say this, I have been to a number of grand old estates and while detailed wood and gleamy marble make a fine stair case, walking on stone will often echo horribly and walking on wood will in due time, creak and groan obnoxiously.

        However grand you house or staircase is, Carpet becomes a needed thing to avoid foots steps echoing constantly.


    • Teddi

      I am surprised by these comments. The staircase was one of the few things I like about the house.

      It’s large, the steps are shallow, the staircase itself makes a statement though I hate the type of wrought iron they used on it and the carpet is quite hideous. I love the architecture of it.


  • Sam

    I really like the staircase, but I would get rid of the carpet on it and make it all hardwood or stone. In fact, I would get rid of most if not all the carpet on the floors as well and make it hardwood or stone. Other than that, the interior of this house is near perfect. The outside and exterior, however, is really boring and needs some work.