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  • Daniel

    An odd home. That hippopotamus bridge over the pool is amusing.

  • Eric

    The Floors are a rather nice touch reminds me of that historical house in Ohio a while back, refreshing to see rather well done detail on the marble stone work.
    The rounded kitchen is a bit creative. Although that central lower ‘thing’ looks a bit tacky.
    The master bedroom is quite large and well laid out. Big vaulted ceilings, fireplace , sitting room, although I’d like some new paint in there. The curly fidelity bits painted around the sitting room seem out of place.
    The master bathroom is not too bad, love the Huge shower as well as a place you can sit down in the shower, again something I like to see.

    As for the basement, well I LOVE Big basements and this one is quite lavish.
    Billard room. Kitchenette and Bar. Nice large rec-room, good sized marble bathroom and what looks like an adjoining sauna (always a plus) nice rather comforting gym, and of course the long large pool with the Very silly bridge.

    All in all a rather nice sized mansion, a short distance from Chicago and under 3million.
    Not bad.

  • Nash

    not a bad price though

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