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  • Eric

    Once again I find myself looking at a house where the FIRST Thing I would do is repaint all the interior walls!

    I don’t know about you, but having faux green ivy ‘growing’ all over my house, and huge country side panoramas painted everywhere are NOT What I look for in terms of a place I want to call “Home” And as for the cherubs in the bedroom WELL! What types of person wants flying naked babies looking at them in bed at night? I’d never get any sleep!

    The place is easy enough to find on Google Earth and it look ok from the air. the “BoneS” of the house are also nice. The main entrance seems to go into a small ‘Anteroom’ before going into the main hall, something I have always liked. The main kitchen looks ‘ok’ the use of wood floors and fixtures seems nice, and I like the marble color they use for counter tops. The main dining room needs a LOT of, why would you leave it as the one room NOT painted? Exposed brick is fine for basements and wine cellars, but NOT a formal dinning room!

    As for the rest of the house, well, it looks like all the effort was put into the master bedroom and bathroom. Most of the other rooms like “Normal” copied from any number of other big homes.

    All in all this place would need a LOT Of work before I could ever think of it as a “Home” and not a big miss mash of styles and bad paint.

    • opinionfree

      Eric, I could be wrong and more often than not I am. However, that ‘exposed brick’ in the dining room you speak of, I think is paint and not bricks. Whatever it is, I’m with you in not liking it.

      • Teddi

        Wow, if that’s the case I have to think it would probably have been less labor intensive to have actual brick than paint for the same effect. If it is a paint job, I have to say they really did good. Because it looks very much like brick, probably would have been better used in a wine cellar or office or something along those lines instead of the dining room.

        • Eric

          The more I look at it the more I think it IS just paint.
          One, largely because I don’t know if the builders would have bothered with actually putting down that many bricks, it would be VERY labor intensive.

          Actually know what? I think its “Faux brick” like thin styrofoam brick ‘faces’ were you just past it to the wall to make it look like brick.

          Either way it is just so terrible,

          Also there are parts where it DOES look like a roman ruin, and not in a good way. There is a Very tall, very thin wall around in places. if you make a wall that tall, you’d want it a bit thicker, if just for the look of the thing.

          And is strange how this whole “faux-frescoe” thing seems to be growing amongst certain mansion types.

  • Teddi

    Well, if there is one thing I can say with absolute impunity is that the owners LOVE murals. Thankfully, that’s a design element easily corrected. I like the idea of the mini-tunnel leading to the motorcourt but unless the photo was scaled down for listing purposes, I’m wondering how anything larger than a sedan can get through it. The right side of the home looks like a storefront attached to a Roman ruin. Tres odd. Loathe the wine cellar. Love the stone exterior, the view and the pool.

    There are hits and misses throughout; the lots of little misses have an accumulated effect so it may be easy to dislike the house, but for the most part seem easily corrected. I’m sure the the hiring of a painter and decorator are all that’s needed to easily transform the rooms.

  • Grrrowler

    Teddi is exactly right about the right side of the front facade: it looks like some sort of retail storefront. Overall the entire front facade feels confused and not very welcoming. The rear simply looks massive. That said, the exterior has some interesting elements and, even though it’s not totally practical, I like the driveway tunnel.

    The interior has potential, but it’s not good in its current state. Apparently faux-frescoes equals high Italian style, but combined with the tasteless furnishings the whole thing crosses into tacky. A good decorator could do nice things with it, but he or she will need a lot of Kilz before that happens.

  • Matt

    I would buy this house simply because the driveway goes under the pool! even though it isn’t perfect, it is a huge step above the last Austin home that was on here last.

  • Sam

    Not sure what the purpose of having the driveway going under the pool is but it’s still cool. Especially since there is another driveway right next to it?

  • Jason

    12861 Hughes Park Rd is the houses address. I like the entry gates, waterfall and tunnel entry. sadly, the house itself is not so great. but SO much better than yesterdays offering. the interiors were also a big letdown.

  • Teddi

    I was going to argue about the ridiculousness of that tiny (but awesome) tunnel, but upon looking again, I see that there are two driveways, one via the tunnel and one around it for larger vehicles. So I retract my earlier complaint about the small size of it and can freely appreciate the coolness factor of having a tunnel underneath the pool. Definitely a wow factor. Now if they would only do something with the interior and the ‘ruins’ attached to the storefront it could pass as one of the best mansions we’ve seen from Texas in a long long while.

  • Venom

    I absolutely love it. Gorgeous home.

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