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  • Teddi

    Hold on to your hats people…I really like this house. Insane, I know, because there is absolutely nothing traditional about it. I know some of the exterior front pics looked pretty boring, I was expecting a boring inside too, but even with all the white walls and contemporary furniture, lighting and decor, I really do like it. It’s modern yet warm at the same time. I had despaired of the two ever being joined together. The only thing I really don’t like is all that empty wasted space in the foyer and only a 3 car garage, but other than that there seems to be judicial use of space and a decorator who knew what they were doing. It’s class married with comfort and livability. Kudos!

  • Grrrowler

    Like Teddi, I think the inside is very nice. It hits a nice balance between contemporary and traditional, and will remain stylish for quite a while I’m sure. It’s kind of a shame that the interior looks as good as it does because . . .

    I simply hate the exterior of the place. I mean, I really really hate it. The garages on the front are bad enough, and look like they were an afterthought, but there’s the carport-like thing extending from it. I assume that’s so the owner’s RV can be parked in that bay. The driveway is way too big and is boring; something more elegant could and should have been done (cobblestones or gravel would have been better choices). Then, on the right side of the front there’s what looks like a covered patio, with a view of the driveway. If it was really meant to be a patio space why, oh why, isn’t there an outdoor fireplace, since the chimney is right there anyway? The windows look flat and cheap, and the back of the house is just as boring as the front.

  • John

    How does atherton compare to other silicon valley locations? Los Gatos, woodside more prestigious?

  • Venom

    That would be the world’s smallest RV Grrrowler. Definitely not RV parking.

    I don’t love it, I don’t hate it. It is alright. Cheap for out there so it will sell no problem. Wine should not be exposed to light, that really bothers me.

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