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  • Grrrowler

    It’s a nice house. The exterior is lovely, but I’m partial to English-style stone houses anyway. The interior has some beautiful details, and is tastefully simple without being sparse. The kitchen looks lackluster, and some of the rooms in what I assume is a basement area (pics 11 and 14) are too stark. The theater also gets a “meh”, and for $13 million I expect the speakers to be built-in, but it’s workable. Despite the few problems, it’s a pretty house that could be even better with some decor changes.

  • Daniel

    The exterior is very pretty. Interior has some nice bits here and there, but I’m not getting a $13 million vibe from it. At the very least, they could have made the millwork a bit more impressive…

  • Eric

    As far as a modern version of a classic Tudor house, I would give it an “A” for effort. Especially on the outside, as both Daniel and Grrrowler mention, the exterior is EXQUISITE! The amount of detailing in the brick work is refreshing and I could (if omitting a few obvious give aways) Believe the house was one built at the turn of the century.

    But as also stated, the interior needs a lot of work, especially in the basement, where it looks like they almost forgot about furnishing it, especially in terms of the construction, those basement rooms could be in any modern house, obviously not from some Tudor mansion though.

  • Jason

    Lovely home. It is a William T Baker design & featured in his most recent monograph w/ floor plans & site plan. It’s nice to see other shots of the interior & exterior. I suggest everyone buy his books- his firm is quite talented & better than Harrison Design Associates in my opinion. Pack Heydt of Atlanta is also superb. I also just have to say I have an awesome classical residential library of books!!! I’d invite anyone in the local area to come by. I also wish more Dallas architects would publish their own monographs. As well as Richardson Robertson of LA.

    • Eric

      Floor plans? Don’t suppose they are available online anywhere?
      I do so LOVE Floor plans!

    • Sheldon

      Yes, I have a few of William T Baker books, great books! I love most of his designs

      • Eric

        Any chance of uploading some of them to an image site?
        Or would that be considered bad form?

        • Teddi

          I’m begging to see the floor plans as well, but the site goblins ate my very beseeching grovel.

          • Sheldon

            If you have an email address, I might be able to send to you

          • Eric

            I remember trying to get my E-mail to Teddi a while back, as I didn’t want to post it on a public place.. Eh, what the heck, I’ll post an old one I don’t really use any more, if it gets spammed no biggie:

  • Teddi

    When I got the email about this house last week, I looked at the price, looked at the exterior and got giddy. I don’t know if it’s the pics or what, but I was thoroughly underwhelmed by the interior. The joy from outside did not carry in to the inside…at least for me. It’s too many little things to bother to itemize, but they add up to not being impressed.

    I too would love to see the floor plans if you have them. The kitchen/dining room/butler’s pantry layout is of particular interest to me as well as the master suite

  • opinionfree

    Interiors are a bit too Ethan Allen-ey. Picture 14: reminds me of a police interrogation room and not in a good way. Dining room and kitchen are disappointing.
    Amazingly, it is not only lovely but strikes me as a very livable home; at 18,000 sq. ft. that ain’t easy to say.

  • Derek2

    There is a video of this home on William Bakers web site. Link below:


  • Marie

    Same feelings that everyone else has exterior fabulous, interior definitely a grade of C +

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