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  • Limedaiquar

    20M for 3,000 sq ft? I don’t care if it comes with 1000 acres. You’re pretty much buying the land…and it’s still Tennessee…

    I like the Southampton estate. I like how they pushed the house waaay to the water and left the huge front lawn. The master bedroom (?) looks weird though it has like some glass behind the bed or something. I dont really like that.

  • Daniel

    1) Yawn
    2) Even though the one they’re selling is oceanfront, I prefer their new home:
    3) Talk about downsizing
    4) Dang. Has he made $65 million throughout his career as an actor?

  • Grrrowler

    I completely love Wooldon. In fact I love everything about it: the history, the architecture, the decor, the grounds, and the location.

    Gere’s house is very nice, but it doesn’t feel like anything special. The location, exterior, and grounds are lovely, but the interior is a bit boring. In almost any location other than the Hamptons, this would be a $10 million house.

    Cher’s new house is actually very nice for a $2 million house. I’m still trying to decide if she actually intends to live in this, or just keep it for times she wants/needs to be in LA and doesn’t want to commute. It’s definitely not as interesting as her Sierra Towers condo, but maybe WeHo was too busy for her.

    Tennessee… Isn’t that somewhere south of New York?

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