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  • Grrrowler

    I’m glad someone has some sense. Tearing down a 140 year old house, even though it’s in sad condition, to build a giant monument to someone’s ego is terrible. The proposed house would be great on a large country estate, but in Highgate, not so much. I’m not sure how desirable it would be to live on the property, now that new flats have gone up literally in the front garden of Athlone House.

  • Daniel

    Hmm. If the statement on his website (“Sadly, the original property had undergone such severe deterioration that it was no longer capable of restoration.”) is true, then I kind of wish this *was* built. Okay, maybe not this exact design, but put something architecturally significant in its place. Or Maybe just demolish the original home and rebuild it using the same footprint with modern amenities…been done multiple times in Palm Beach.

  • Eric

    Wow, I have to say I am honestly at a loss of words on what to say on this Monster!
    I have to say My main feelings are that I would always want a historical building preserved against being torn down for something new..

    And this beast, I just don’t know what to make off it.. It is different from the normal attempts at copying a turn of the century English estate (That is what most of the proposed Mega Mansions in Britain are) The style looks like some strange mix of Neo-Classical and ArtDeco. The front with the huge glass walls mixed with stone bands looks more like the walls on the Chrysler building then a home.

  • mac22

    Ughhh spend the money to restore the original and you will have a beautiful mansion instead of this high end mini-mall or is it a resort hotel or banquet facility? Thankfully some people, mainly the English, have some sense of their history and denied this monstrosity from being built. Dont always believe it when you read the building was too far gone to save. Sounds very self-serving from the architect intersted in getting this commission and not about preserving the 19th century gothic castle.

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