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  • Daniel

    Hmmm. Interesting. I love Le Lac, but this price is extremely ambitious for the community, and even more so for just a rendering. Very odd architectural style too…is it medieval Bermuda? If I were a serious buyer and wanted to live in Le Lac I’d take this and save $10 million:


    Or better yet, I’d buy this one, bulldoze it, and build my dream home exactly the way I want it. On a better lot too (Situated on the ‘big’ lake).


    • Teddi

      Hahahahahahaha. Thank God I’m feeling better. You would have just killed me. Medieval Bermuda? Hahahahahahaha!!!!

      I have nothing in my repertoire as witty as that, so I will not bother to try.

      I’m guessing they are trying to make up for the less than ideal location with the shear size of the house. It seems odd to have the kind of money to spend $25M on a house, locate it in Boca, and not be either on the canal or on the beach.

      Maybe the number of acres will itself be a draw? But my personal opinion is, if you’re in a place where you will likely be inconvenienced with flooding or an evacuation in the event of a major storm, then it would make more sense to spend your non-inconvenienced time right on the water. Not a lake. Real water. Boating water.

      • Daniel

        Le Lac is really a stunning community. Completely unique and nothing like it in South Florida. For those that want space/acreage and not be swatting at mosquitoes all day long or have to drive 30+ minutes to any sort of civilization really would be hard pressed to find something like this community. I’ve driven around a few times, and it is a cool place. Lots of mature, towering banyans and oaks everywhere…so unlike the surrounding country clubs that are essentially palm trees and nothing else. A great walking trail circles the main lake. Every home site has a minimum of 2 acres and some sort of lake frontage. And regarding boats, several of the homes have boat pavilions; it’s a ski boat friendly community. Additionally, all 3 main lakes are connected. I also don’t think you can find such a variety of architectural styles in one community in South Florida – Mediterranean, Tudor, Pueblo, Ranch, Bermuda, Prairie, Contemporary, Traditional, etc.

        As far as size, Le Lac has some of Boca’s biggest homes – several 20,000+ sq foot homes (largest one is ~39K sq ft). If I won the lotto tomorrow I would seriously consider purchasing a lot and building my dream home. The ONLY negative I think the community suffers from is its complete discreteness from the outside. You would never know this community existed unless you were looking for it.

        Needless to say, I’m a fan 😉

        • Teddi

          Sorry, hate to disagree but I have to. I would take Singer Island or Highland Beach any day of the week and twice on Sunday over Le Lac. If I want an abundance of land, I’ll head on over to the Acreage or Wellington.

          I’m soooooo over Boca. Pretty much any subdivision in S. FL with any fairly decent size body of water is ski boat friendly. That’s barely a selling point with those kinds of neighborhoods. That’s almost like a house there boasting it has a pool. Really not that big of a deal.

          IMHO, Boca has just gotten too congested and trafficky. It has the shopping and nightlife, and a great proximity to Broward, but that isn’t enough for me any more.

          Between all the affluent elderly that moved up there from FTL and MIA to get away from the crime, and the snowbirds that descend there every winter, it has become God’s waiting room. Boca might as well be Century Village on a larger scale. I’m not living with all of that just because Le Lac has a lake I can jet ski on. $25M? I’d take that, move a little north to Delray or Highland Beach, or much further north to Jupiter or Singer Island and be right on the actual water. When I feel like it, I can jump in my yacht and head on out for some deep sea fishing.

          If I HAD to live in Boca, I’d go with The Sanctuary which is one of the safest and toniest gated communities in America. Why would I pay those exorbitant PBC taxes and not exploit every blessed thing I can from them. That includes deepwater dockage. Had a friend who lived on a canal. We could jump in his boat, a few minutes later be out in the seawatching dolphins playing right beside us. There’s nothing that compares to that. As nice as Le Lac is, I’d have to go with something on the water for that amount of money.

          Not that it matters, we both know they won’t be getting $25M for it unless the floors were mother of pearl, and everything bolted down gold leafed to within an inch of life.

          • Daniel

            Haha. To each his own I suppose 😉 I will say this though. If I had a choice between The Sanctuary or Le Lac, I’d go Le Lac hands down. I live 3 minutes away from The Sanctuary (pass it every day on my way to work), and I have to say if I really wanted waterfront in Boca in a secure setting, Royal Palm is really the only option. The Sanctuary is too security-centric; I really have no desire living in a million-dollar concentration camp. Plus, the lots are some of the smallest in the area and many homes have strange footprints because of the weird lot shapes. Some stunning homes in there as well, but most are mid-1980s Contemporranean homes that are hard to remodel without looking strange.

            So to make a long story short, if I had the money and wanted to live in Boca, 1) Le Lac, 2) Royal Palm, 3) The Sanctuary. Highland I’m not a fan of because of the stench of the nature preserves. Delray I have no complaints with (at least east Delray), but if I wanted oceanfront I’d rather live in Gulf Stream.

            Side note: Hooray for having another local (former?) on here that I can debate local subdivisions with!

        • Teddi

          Since HOTR for some reason thinks I’m trying to spam you guys, let me see if I can summarize my retort.

          Highland Beach = No smell, canal and beach access, very affluent, very well kept, low crime, no congestion, no overcrowded anything, closer to airport.

          Singer Island = the place I would LOVE to live, but due to construction restrictions would have to wait for a resident to die for one of the mansions to become available

          Sanctuary = Uber security = Uber good if you’re uber-rich. Made Forbes and MSN’s lists for most expensive and best gated communities.

          Preference if I HAD to live in Boca: The Sanctuary, RPYC, Le Lac

          Boca = God’s waiting room.
          Boca = Tiny white-haired people in big cars who can’t see over the dashboard, who HATE turn signals and who frequently confuse gas and brake pedals.
          Conclusion: Boca = life flashing before my eyes at least once per month.
          Me = Not living in Boca.

          • Daniel

            *Collapses to the ground*. Don’t you dareeee tell me Highland doesn’t smell when it does. Drove past it this afternoon and right around city hall is when it is really bad. Permeates the whole car. Singer Island is too sleepy and too close to Riviera Beach. Finally, the part about the elderly is somewhat true, but thankfully in Boca everyone and their mother drives a new Mercedes, Lexus, and/or BMW which can essentially drive themselves. That new S-Class really can drive itself…

  • Grrrowler

    The area sounds nice, and seem like a much better place to live than a country club or golf course community. But, I’d so much rather have a waterfront lot with ocean access. I’m not sure I see a problem with total privacy and discreteness; that’s exactly what I’d want in an eight figure house and it’s community.

    As for the house, it looks like it could be interesting, but it’s hard to tell from the two drawings. I know it’s been said many times here, but picture 1 has a very strong hotel vibe.

  • Teddi

    Hey Kenny!!!!

    Your site won’t post my very witty reply to Daniel. It says that it’s been marked as spam. WTH? 🙁

    • Daniel

      Hmm. Interesting. A comment I wanted to post earlier also didn’t show up. I just wanted to add that Greg Norman bulldozed the old house and is also selling the land for $6 million.

  • Teddi

    Alright, I haven’t been in Highland Beach in a few years. But there was NOOOO smell when I was there. Perhaps there’s a smell now. I was on the beach, and it smelled faintly like…the beach. It never smelled like the Everglades.

    As for the cars, we BOTH know those one-foot-in-the-grave people aren’t driving anything other than those big ass black Cadillacs.

    I say, if you don’t want to be on the water, don’t want the constant near death experiences, don’t like Wellington or the Acreage, but you want a lot of land, then Weston is the place to go. Not as sleepy as Parkland or Jupiter but more affluent that Plantation Acres. The residents are young(er), some famous, and I believe Broward taxes are less than PBC.

    I do agree with you on the Riviera Beach thing. I don’t understand how any place named Riviera Beach and so close to so many multi-millionaires can be so awful.

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    I think it is going to be majestic. I hope it will be colorful and full of life. I can not wait to see it, when it is completed. Do keep us posted!!!

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