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  • Grrrowler

    The HDR pics in the listing have not done this place any favors. They make everything looks slightly creepy, and slightly oily. The spaces themselves look well, proportioned, and of course the views are stunning. I love that unlike so many other NYC high-rise apartments the kitchen has a view.

    I don’t love the decor. There are some nice moments, but so much of it feels very contrived; it comes off as somewhat precious with too many extraneous details. I’m sure all the furniture and finishes are ridonkulously expensive, but the Modern Medieval theme doesn’t excite me.

    I would say the price was also stunning, but after so many of these rather soulless modern apartments with astronomical price tags, I’ve become jaded. Something in a pre-war building on 5th Ave for half the price is more my style.

  • Teddi

    Over $9,000 per square foot? Here, pull my other leg.

    I’m starting to believe sellers are just making up numbers so that the price gets people’s attention instead of the property.

    $75,000,000 and nothing about it is groundbreaking or one of a kind. Storage space is extra. HA!

    I’d rather buy the godawful ‘historic’ mansion on CPW for the $37M, at 3 grand per square foot and plunk down the money remaking it back into what it should be than to buy this at 40 million more, 3,000sf less and still have a park view.

  • Daniel

    Lovely views but the apartment looks rather generic.

  • Brandon

    This is the penthouse of the Trump International Hotel and Tower?

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    When the sun comes shining in, the rooms must give off a bright glow. It would be interesting to see how it looks at night.

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