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  • Daniel

    There’s a table inside the fireplace. I’m done…

  • Grrrowler

    The furnishings are not great, and as Daniel pointed out there’s simply no explanation for the table in the fireplace. Better furnishings would make a huge difference. But, I like some elements of this. It’s quirky, and I know I’m in the minority in liking rustic elements in a house, but the rustic quirkiness is interesting to me. The grounds look lovely, but it’s more than a little concerning that we can see the neighboring house from the pool deck, which means the neighbors can see the pool deck. Cherry Hills is nice, but I’d much rather have an older house in the Cherry Creek or Denver Country Club area.

  • Eric

    Well it looks like the website gremlins now think I am a spammer so I will try and just pass a message along to Teddi

    I know you will read this sooner or later… As far as exchanging E-mails, sign up for the webforum “””” I am a member as ‘Tyler Xyroadia”” I figure we can just exchange e-mails via private notice to one another.

    • Teddi

      You too? I had the same problem yesterday. It told me my comment had been marked as spam. I’ll head on to the forum and exchange emails there.

  • Teddi

    Sorry Grrrowler, I’m totally with Daniel on this one. No, I’m not a fan of rusticity, but I do get its appeal and the desire to incorporate log cabin elements in homes in places like Colorado. But seriously, there’s a table with flowers IN the fireplace. And the rooms are all so dark and slightly eerie. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Ghost Hunters crew set up shop there.

    • Grrrowler

      The table in the fireplace doesn’t turn me off to this. Ultimately it’s a single table that can easily be moved. As Bill said, it might have just been placed there for the summer when the fireplace isn’t use. After looking at the picture of the fireplace closer, I realize it’s huge. The sofa in front in of it would fit nicely in there. I’m wondering if it’s a walk-in fireplace and the table normally lives a little further out. In any event, I don’t like this house enough to go to the mat for it, but the table alone isn’t enough to turn me off to it.

      OK, yes, some of the rooms are a little creepy, but I kinda like that. I’m picturing this on a snowy night, furnished like the Overlook Hotel in The Shining. It would actually be kind of cool.

    • Sam

      So you don’t like rusticity or modern/contemporary, do you like any style?

      • Teddi

        Actually yes, Sam. I like classic, I like traditional, I like transitional if it’s done right. Or are you implying that rustic, modern and contemporary are the only design styles available and so if I don’t like those then I don’t like any style?

        • Grrrowler

          It’s rustic, contemporary, or nothing! 🙂

          • Teddi

            Bwahahaha. 😛

            I think we need to add a style just for you, Grrrowler. Eerie.

            I would never have guessed you went for the dark, slightly sinister decor.

  • Bill_in_NY

    There’s a table in the fireplace. So what? They don’t use the fireplace and the table’s not being used elsewhere. Put it there and it’s serving the very same purpose as one of those Half Moon Tables. And it’s a heck of a lot sturdier.
    HGTV used to call it “a touch of whimsy”.

    • Teddi

      That ain’t whimsy. That’s crazy.

      It’s Colorado, and they show the other fireplaces in the house in use, what’s wrong with that one? Because once I get past the fact that they’ve put decorating furniture inside the fireplace, I then have to start questioning why wouldn’t they have shown their walk in fireplace in use. You go through the time, space and expense of building something that big and then use it as a storage room, makes me wonder if either the owners are a bit off or if there’s a problem with the fireplace.

  • Mak

    I don’t think the problem is with the fireplace. It’s a lot of other little things.

    I don’t like the way they purposely mixed different style kitchen cabinets. It doesn’t work. I think they were going for that eclectic look that is created over time, but it just looks like they ran out of money to complete it, and had to settle for really crappy “home depot special” brown cabinets.

    I don’t like the rustic rooms, along with the crystal chandeliers.

    I don’t like the large half round windows as they are done. Without mullions, there is no “framing of the view” and they look like large round dark openings at night. Maybe it works with another style house, but not one trying to look rustic italian.

    Some of the rooms look completely ignored in terms of finishing touches, like the workout room, and several of the bedrooms. While I like fireplaces, I don’t like them in corners, and there are lots of them placed that way. I also don’t like the brick fireplace in one bedroom. It looks totally out of character in this house.

    The bar sink in the living room is just stupid. It waste’s 60-70% of the bar top for no reason at all.

    On the other hand, I love the rough cut stone throughout. I think the layout is interesting, especially the room with the clerestory windows. I think many of the fireplaces are very beautifully done, and look many years older then the house. I like the way the house moves along a central axis lengthwise on the property, which gives it a really deep feeling. I like that the garages are tucked down and away on a nondescript side, and not facing the street The house is definitely squeezed into the lot, and they’ve made the most of the property.

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