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  • Eric

    Duplicate Comment my Fanny!

    Curse you Posting Goblins!!!

  • Eric

    Lets try this again

    Well first off, good to finally see a Cali Mansion that ISN’T crammed into yet another “mansion Suburbia” but seems to be by itself AND High atop a hill. Two big plus points for me. As for the house itself.

    Well the kitchen seems ok for a “modern” kitchen. That counter top needs to go however, the color seems all wrong for that room. Dinning room looks ok, but the fireplace in it looks.. Strange.. Like it’s just sandstone or something. Actually every fireplace in the house seems to have those strange rough sandy fireplaces. Not something I am keen on at all. Also the rest of the house seems to be, sadly, the standard “Whitewash Everything” interior I have come to see with modern built homes. Is it THAT hard to add some other colors to the walls here and there? Some earth tones or such?

    • Teddi

      These homes are starting to remind me of an episode of Sex and the City where a very wealthy woman had a white apartment. Everything in it was either white or beige, and to make sure no one would spill and stain anything, they served white food and white wine. I thought it was just a funny idea, but I’m starting to wonder if it’s more reality than fiction. The really strange thing about it is that that apartment was all-white and had more oomph than this house.

      This house has more color in the flooring and cabinets than other houses we’ve seen and still manages to come across more bland than those.

  • Daniel

    Usually, Montecito homes are like Parisian homes for me: I almost always like what I see, minus a few decor changes. This home is an exception to that rule. I like nothing. Not a damn thing. The location looks barren. The interior is completely devoid of personality or charm. Exterior is not very nice. The disguised front entrance is a mistake. I’d take this home instead, double staircase and all:

  • Grrrowler

    When I saw Montecito in the title, I got excited. Then I looked at the pics and was completely disappointed. The location is more Montecito backcountry than Montecito itself. The best thing I can say about the exterior is that it’s wonky. Having the main entrance on the upper terrace, which I would consider to be private space, is just a bad idea. I would have designed the house so that the drive wrapped around to the north side and put the entrance there. Not only would it give amazing first impression views from the entrance way, it would make the upper terrace a much more private area.

    The house sits more on the landscape than in it, and it looks like it was dropped into place. What’s missing are the rolling lawns, the lush landscaping, and the the casual elegance that defines Montecito.

    Inside there are some nice spots here and there, but there’s nothing that makes me say “wow”.

  • Teddi

    They lost me at 3 car garage. But then I went to check to see if there was any wow-factor that could compensate for that. There isn’t. I get that it was just completed this year, but how hard would it have been to roll some sod over the ‘garden’ area. Did they run out of money? All around it is green; green views, green hills, green-gardened neighbor homes, and then there’s this ginormous house sitting on this plot of brown land.

    And frankly, I think I’d prefer the RSF parlor/whore house-loving decorator to whoever staged this. At least that had personality.

    A $22M estate with a 3 car garage.

    You know what? All you’d need in that household is a mother, father and 2 teenage/semi-adult children for the parking space to become an issue.

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