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  • Reeder

    The neighborhood is called Bella Vista. They have above ground utility poles.

  • Eric

    oh WOW does this place need an interior makeover BAD!

    Black carpet and Black chairs in pic6 ??
    Cushion padding along the staircase in pic7 ?
    Carpeted walls and more black carpet in pic8 ?

    Ye gods this place is a real ‘fixer upper’

  • Daniel

    I don’t mind the exterior, but even once you get past the ‘eclectic’ interior design, it doesn’t feel that special. Plop this in Texas, Florida or Georgia and you have a $5-$8 million home.

  • Grrrowler

    There’s nothing wrong with the interior, but it looks no different than hundreds of other houses in Beverly Hills.

    What to say about the interior? I have to give it credit for not being the typically boring all-beige decor that ends up in so many BH mock-Meds. Padded walls? Yeah, I’d prefer those over beige paint slapped onto every wall, although I wouldn’t have chosen velour for the fabric. I could never, and would never, live with the interior like it is, but it at least has some character. Someone took some decorative risks and put a lot of thought into it, but not every risk paid off and the place needs to be gutted and started over.

    • Grrrowler

      Grrrrr…my first sentence should have read “There’s nothing wrong with the _exterior_.” Proofread! {bangs head on desk}

  • Karl

    This has been on the market, even though off the market officially, for months now. It has been featured in a photo in that New York Times report about Beverly Park even though this is a different gated community altogether, the Summitridge community obviously. It also isn’t a part of Beverly Hills, only as a zip code, but belongs together with Beverly Park to the City of Los Angeles.

    It is an ugly mcmansion. Nothing appealing about it except maybe the ridge-top location. It would be wonderful if it ends up being razed and something actually architectonically significant built on the plot.

    Nice community.

  • Buzz

    Why does a Democratic Party donor and believer in global warming live in a 16,000 square foot mansion? How much energy does it take to cool that house? Or to light it? What’s the carbon footprint of this hypocrite’s house?

  • JS

    Bella Vista is a gated community located right next to Beverly Park with fewer houses. I would rather live there than Beverly Park, I would even consider it more exclusive without the ridiculous rules.

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