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  • Eric

    I know I will be in the minority, but I LOVE That huge underground swimming pool!
    If it has an adjacent gym/steam room/shower area I’d say it’s perfect!

    Now as far as the REST of the place… While I DEEPLY appreciate the idea of taking an old historical building and renewing it, instead of leaving it to Rot. Making a reDONKulous 250MILLION House out of it is so, SO not the answer! This place is less then HALF the sized of the proposed Super Estate from yesterday and is over TWENTY TIMES the cost!

    With 45 rooms in the heart of London, I would bet it would be more profitable turned into an elite Hotel or such.

    • Grrrowler

      In this application, the underground pool definitely works. There just isn’t room for a pool pavilion, so going underground makes total sense. With the house in Surrey from yesterday having 20 acres, I just can’t get into the idea of the primary pool being underground. But, to each his own! 🙂

    • Teddi

      Let’s see if the site will allow me to respond, since it won’t allow me to post.

      This mansion would be bigger than the one from yesterday, this one is 60k sf and yesterday’s was between 42k and 48k sf depending on which listing site is to be believed and the 11 million pounds was for the land only, the cost of the building wasn’t included. At least, that’s what one site said. Though I find it hard to believe that land in the country could cost that much.

      You know me, I love these types of mansions. I don’t want yet another London hotel, I want too see a really grand English estate in operation that isn’t owned by royalty. Don’t mention hotels and jinx it for me.

  • Daniel

    Well, if the final product turns out anything like the renderings, then fabulous. But half a billion dollars? Maybe if I was an emir I’d buy it…otherwise I’d just make an offer on a home on Kensington Palace Gardens.

  • Grrrowler

    This could be spectacular, if it’s finished like the renderings show. This epitomizes the term “trophy property”. The location within the city is absolutely superb, and it even looks like there’s even a back garden. The front entry court is a rarity in central London too. It’s too bad that Piccadilly is such a busy road, For this kind of money I would want something in a quieter location, like Kensington Palace Gardens or Belgrave Square. Actually, for this kind of money I’d want three or four houses in quieter locations. That said, a visit to the queen is only a short walk away so I’m sure someone who likes the visibility will snatch this up.

  • Teddi

    Oh FFS! The constant issues with posting is really getting irritating!

  • opinionfree

    The only reason I can see for comparing this intown residence to yesterday’s country estate, is that they are both in England.
    Today’s home has history and provenance, the Surrey estate: well, not so much.
    Cost:House ratio is akin to comparing a an estate in Alpine, NJ. which is 20 miles away, from a brownstone on the upper east side of Manhattan. Very hard to do. It comes down to everything, from location to reason for purchase.
    I applaud the owners, for restoring the home to it’s rightful glory. That said, I would turn it into a 12 month, get ready, TIMESHARE. The likelihood a single owner would occupy it, for more than a month a year, is well, unlikely. As a timeshare, it would once again be restored, to one of the world’s most exclusive clubs.
    PS California mansion people: this is how you do it. Look at the rendering photos.

    • Teddi


      Why are you guys trying to jinx this property for me? No hotel, no timeshare, no museum, no B&B.

      One family/owner. One super rich magnate who will respect the history and status of this building. I don’t even care if they only use it twice a year just for fundraisers or to host a Bilderberg meeting. I want, for once, to see an amazing estate owned by amazing people. Not by anyone who’s made a sex tape. Not by a pop princess or an Ecclestone or a Trump. No multiple people co-owning it. Can we get a modern day Vanderbilt or Rockefeller or Carnegie? Okay, well maybe not Carnegie. But you get what I mean.

  • teddi

    testing, testing 1…2…3

  • Teddi

    anyone else having issues posting? it seems to be getting more frequent

    • Eric

      It is the Web Goblins no doubt!
      In seriousness I am sure Kenny is aware of the issue, I just wish I knew what was causing it.

      Oh Also check your mailbox when oyu get a chance, I sent a message to you at that web forum.

      • Annie

        Yes, I had problems with posting too, when I unsuccessfully tried to reply to Eric in comments to my project. Now, I think, it makes no sence.))

        • Eric

          You know we all use this page day in and day out.
          Maybe we should help pitch in, and donate enough for Kenny to get a proper discussion forum up?

  • Ted

    I can’t wait to see the finished exterior

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    Looks stunning. Hope they make it more colorful. I love the openness of the dinning area. Nice to let the sunlight come in.

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