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  • Eric

    The Web site is back up and running! HAZZAH!
    (Hugs Kenny)

    Well now that the crisis is over 😉 Good to come back to the page and some some nice new houses. Specifically the first one.

    Took a look at that one on Google Earth and the plot looks to have maintained a seizable amount of land.. Give the lot sizes of the near by houses, it looks to be three to four size the sizes, Always very nice.

    Also the house has WINGS! I am guessing a guesthouse on one side, and a extended garage on the other side.

  • Daniel

    1, 2 and 4 all look very promising. I’m surprised at how unpopular having trees or significant landscaping near the house is.

  • Nightmoves

    They tore down a very historic house to build the first house. It is amazing on the outside. It would be better in the Heights with more privacy.

  • Morning Fruits

    Which Heights?

    • Nightmoves

      Sewickley Heights which is more secluded, rather than Edgeworth. If I had the kind of money to build a house like that I wouldn’t want people to be able to drive by so easily. The Bell Acres estate that was on here before is 50 feet from the road, but it is on a rural street with little traffic.

      • ted

        I’m from the heights and i totally agree. I almost forget what that house looked like before the new one. the guy who owns it now is a complete asshole though.

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