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  • Matt

    I love the one in Dallas! it is so beautiful in person, these pictures don’t do it any justice. This street has two of my favorite homes in Dallas on it; this one and the one at 5350 s Dentwood Dr. It is such a beautiful and elegant home. I love to drive past it at night because the wall of windows is where the staircase is and its always lit up :).

  • Daniel

    The Dallas home is nice. The B.H. homes is obscene, but at least they seem to care about saving $$$ on electricity based on the solar panels.

  • John

    Fan of 2 and 4

  • Al Robinson

    I wonder if the people who live in home #4 ride around on segways? Because that is a long way from one end to the other!

  • DJL

    I think it’s kind of ironic that the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia has a roof covered in solar panels.

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