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  • Tyler

    The first house, the one in Omaha is owned by Joseph Ricketts. He was the founder of TD Ameritrade and is now along with his sons owner of the Chicago Cubs.

    • Al Robinson

      Cool!! I’m a big Cubs fan.

      Also, Warren Buffett’s house is a few blocks away.

      As for the second home, I don’t think I would want to live in a house all on one floor. I like the idea of having a view from a 2nd or 3rd floor. But, it’s great for an older person who can no longer walk up stairs.

      • Teddi

        I’m with you Al. I’m not a big fan of those immensely sprawling one story homes. I’d thought about it being an issue for the elderly or anyone with knee issues. But then I found out that elevators aren’t as pricey as one would think, and in a multimillion dollar home, should be a requisite amenity anyway. There are middle class townhomes with elevators, why not in an estate home? I HATE having my bedroom on the ground floor so upstairs it will always be for me. Whether one is elderly or infirm, I say build the multistory mansion and slap in that elevator.

  • Daniel

    Vegas home looks like a modern art museum…nice (fake?) grass though.

  • Curious

    This is completely unrelated to this specific posting, but not sure if this is has been answered on this website before, but: What constitutes a “home of the rich”? I’ve been following this website for awhile, but I always wondered what the distinction was.

    Is it gauged by a certain price point of a house (like 2MM plus), what an upper class person would be able to comfortably afford (upper class standards of the 1 % at the lowest is a household income of 250K so maybe 750K on a house minimum, but obviously, the homes here are usually worth much MUCH more than that), the person’s wealth going in buying the house, etc.

    Also, what was the cheapest, and on the other extreme, most expensive listing here? I’m just wondering what Kenny, and maybe the rest of you guys consider a “home of the rich”. 🙂 I don’t think this site has a forum, so, wasn’t sure where to post this…

    • Teddi

      Good question. I don’t know about Kenny or the other guys on here, but I view it as a house valued at, or can be sold for $2 million or above. Above $2M is my benchmark.

      My reasoning is that a $1M house is attainable to many. Not most, but many. Especially in dual or multi-income households with family members who make a fairly good living. Any household with a gross income of about $200k can conceivably afford a million dollar house without an issue. If you think about how many doctors and lawyers make that themselves, without even including income from a spouse, and it’s quite attainable.

      But the jump from being able to afford a $1M home vs a $2M is pretty huge, and hence my benchmark. $2M involves having money most will never get to, even with a spouse’s income to help, not to mention taxes and upkeep on that type of property.

      • Kenny Forder

        I would say over $1.5-$2 million as well.

    • Grrrowler

      “Home of the Rich” can sometimes be a misnomer, since we’ve seen several very expensive houses that had been purchased by people who couldn’t afford to keep them.

      For me, I think of a home of the rich as something special, that just not anyone would, or could, buy/build and maintain. It’s a combination of things, and isn’t just size, or location, or price. That’s a big part of the reason I’m so picky about the houses: I don’t think of a generic cookie-cutter house with a high price tag as special. Even though a house may be big, in an exclusive area, and be very expensive, it’s missing something that, in my mind at least, makes it special. Then again, I guess I’m changing it to be “Unique Homes of the Rich”!

    • Venom

      I would argue a minimum of $2 million and 5,000 sq. ft should constitute a Home of the Rich.

  • Grrrowler

    Number 1 looks like it could be lovely. I love the semi-enclosed courtyard with the pool.

    The NV house could be really interesting, but it’s way too big for its lot, and being surrounded by relatively smaller houses makes it look like it doesn’t belong.

  • Eric

    The NV house quite literally looks as if someone bought up 3 or 4 ‘normal’ sized lots in some random suburb, and then built a single long house in the area. The reason it is just one story is most like due to zoning laws for it being IN a suburb like that.

    • Teddi

      It was the very first thing I thought of when I saw it. That they bought up a bunch of small plots and shoehorned the mansion in it. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s what it looks like.

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