$7.595 Million Mansion In Winnetka, IL With Indoor Basketball Court | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • Yosef

    Hey, do you think that I can get better quality pictures for this house? especially the floor plans? its kinda hard to read.
    Thanks Kenny.
    Happy bday to Home of the Rich.

  • Daniel
  • Eric

    Oh UP YOURS posting goblins!
    10min of doing a floor by floor review of a house that FINALLY has a floor plan and it gets canned as spam? (shakes fist in anger)

    • Grrrowler

      And that’s why I’ve been trying to exercise brevity lately. I don’t enjoy spending the time and effort to watch something disappear into the ether.

      • Daniel

        Suggestion: After writing your comment, Ctrl+C it just in case. I too have learned my lesson the hard way.

        • Eric

          It was my own silly mistake, I had posted before copying the text and I just had this sinking feeling it was going to get eaten… Ah Alas..

          As far as the house itself goes, I actually quite like it, the floorplans give a good feel for the house, and the website has over 50 pictures of the interior, such a refreshing amount after the scant 8 or 10 we normally see.

        • Grrrowler

          I’ve done the copy/paste thing, but usually the site won’t let me post because it thinks it’s a duplicate comment.

    • Kenny Forder

      Why are they disappaering?! I’m very very sorry, I don’t understand why that’s happening :-/

      • Eric

        My theory is it has something to do with trying to block spam-bots.
        If you try and post something too massive (Like a page of text like I sometimes do) it thinks it may be a spammer and deletes it.

  • Venom

    I see the photo gallery crap problems are never going to be fixed.

    • Sam

      I switched browsers to fix the photo gallery problem, Google Chrome works for me while Safari doesn’t.

      • Teddi

        And Chrome is what gives me trouble on this site I have to use Firefox most times now. Didn’t used to have an issue before, now I’m afraid to click on a pic because it sometimes freezes my screen.

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